Robbie Keane excited about facing hostile crowd at Stanford Stadium

CARSON, Calif. – The California Clásico always produces an incredible atmosphere no matter where the match takes place, but Saturday’s clash at Stanford Stadium promises to be something special.

At least 40,000 fans will be in attendance at Stanford Stadium on Saturday evening just a year after the two clubs played in front of a sold-out crowd of 50,000. The match last season was an electric one both on and off the field as the Earthquakes defeated LA 5-3.

Thanks to the rivalry between the two teams, Stanford Stadium will represent a hostile environment for the Galaxy and captain Robbie Keane expects plenty of vitriol from the crowd.

“I expect what we’ll always get. They’ll give us a bit of stick because we’re the Galaxy and they’ll shout a lot of stuff,” said Keane. “As a player who has played in England for a long time, when you play away from home, I’m fairly used to that stuff. It’s quite good entertainment. I’m sure that it’ll be a hostile atmosphere and one that the players should relish

Although the chants and anti-Galaxy banners—or tifo—might be overwhelming for other players, the feisty Irish forward wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s funny. You give it back to them and it’s all done in a friendly way,” said Keane. “As long as people don’t go overboard, I give as good as I get.”

Joining Keane and the Galaxy at Stanford Stadium will be more than 300 Galaxy fans, who have made the trek north from Southern California. Team officials state that members of the LA Riot Squad, Angel City Brigade and Galaxians are expected to be in attendance.

“It’s always good. As we’re well aware in this country, it’s difficult for away fans to travel because it’s so far,” said Keane of the fans travel. “We’re playing a team that’s fairly close to us, so a lot of Galaxy fans will be there. It’s always nice to have them there.”