Bruce Arena: LA Galaxy performance in defeat to San Jose Earthquakes "embarrassing"

STANFORD, Calif. – LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena held no punches following LA’s disappointing 3-2 defeat to the San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday evening.

Arena’s thoughts are below…

(On what happened in stoppage time…)

ARENA: “Poor play [and] lack of intelligence by our team. To have a team of players and coaches that is that poor and stupid in the last five minutes of the game that’s my responsibility. That can't be on anybody else but me. I’m absolutely embarrassed by that performance. Give our opponents credit, but our performance was embarrassing.  

(On whether LA could have done something differently…)

ARENA: “I don't even want to go into that. If you have an IQ of 50, you can figure that out. That game, we should win that going away at the end of the game. It's embarrassing, our performance at the end of the game. That's all on me. That's my responsibility with this team.”

(On the offensive struggles…)

ARENA: “It’s pretty obvious.”

(On whether the loss was devastating…)

ARENA: “It’s a bad loss and it’s a bad one. This is pro sports. We don’t walk around like other people in life. We get on with the business of getting ready for the next game.”

(On what is special about Stanford Stadium since LA lost two straight games there…)

ARENA: “The stadium had nothing to do with it."

(On whether the team should have parked the bus late rather than go up another goal…)

ARENA: “Were you watching the game at all? Were there any other chances on our part? The bus should have been parked probably.”

(On whether the game got too stretched toward the end…)

ARENA: “No, we were too stupid. The game didn't get too stretched. We were too stupid. That’s my responsibility. Our team performed poorly and that’s my responsibility. “