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Quote Sheet: LA Galaxy beat Columbus Crew 2-1 thanks to two late Robbie Keane penalties

MLS Postgame Quote Sheet
LA Galaxy vs. Columbus Crew
Saturday, July 4, 2013
StubHub Center


Overall thoughts on the game:

“We fought hard to try and win the game. We were fortunate to capitalize on two penalty kicks. On the night, we played OK—the second half a little bit better than the first half. We can certainly be accused of not finishing our chances, and putting ourselves in a poor position, which certainly happened. Give Columbus credit, they certainly played hard, got a great goal. Not to take anything away from them, it was a great goal. We just had to battle and try to create some chances at the end and we were fortunate to get a couple of calls that made a difference. We’ve been on the other side of those games a couple of times this year. At this point in the season, we should have 11, 12 victories, but we’ve shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times. We got to battle and keep moving forward. We have to move up the ladder in a very competitive conference.”

On his team going forward:

“There’s an awful lot of work to be done. Finishing our chances is one of them. Defensively on the night, we were, for the most part, pretty good. Columbus really wasn’t that dangerous and 10 minutes to go we’re chasing the game, and that’s not good. So, we’ve got to get better in all aspects and hopefully we can.”

On Columbus’ goal:

“I don’t know how you look at that goal tonight, that’s one of those once in a lifetime-type of goals. I haven’t seen it on tape or anything, but it looked like he stuck that in the corner pretty well and he’s 16 yards out, so it’s one of those plays that happened.”

On the penalties:

“The second one—we might have been fortunate on. I haven’t seen them on tape. The first one I think Jose was taken down, but I think there wasn’t any of them you could say 100 percent penalty. The Crew is going to feel a little disappointed, for sure.”


On the result:

“After the result on [Saturday] it’s important to get a win, no matter which way we did it. To be honest, we’re certainly the better team. There’s no question about it when you win down a goal with 20 minutes to go.”

On the second penalty call:

“I’m looking at the ball and someone comes into the back of (me). If someone runs into the back of you without you knowing the fact is you’re going to fall over. I didn't see him behind me when I wanted to take the ball down and he just ran into me. When you’re in the penalty box you obviously have to be very careful.”

On the teams many opportunities tonight:

“We certainly should have put away a few. We had a lot chances where we went over the bar and stuff like that. I think the most important thing is getting into the spots. If we were not getting any chances I’d be certainly worried but the fact that we are getting them. It’s only a matter of time before we start putting them in and we start scoring a lot of goals.”

On the quick turnaround against Dallas:

“Obviously it’s been a really tough week for us. I think that's why we have all of the trainers to make sure we get ready for the game Sunday. It's a quick turnaround but I think it's the same for everybody so it doesn't make a difference.”

On if the team had lost tonight:

“I think we would have been completely shattered, to be honest. Our heads would have been down. But, because you do win a game, it’s amazing how confidence can get you through games and get you through a few more days. Yeah, we lost the game on [Saturday], but the fact that we’ve got the three points is huge.”


On tonight’s performance:

“I think we did a very good job on the back, especially because we wanted to prevent (Federico) Higuain from getting the ball and create chances because he was the dangerous player tonight, and we did a good job. Then on the freekick they get the score; it was pity because I felt we deserved to get the clean sheet.”

On how it feels to win after last weekend’s loss to San Jose:

“Well, I think that football gives and football takes away stuff, and we lost a crazy game on Saturday, and we won one in the same way today. Although, today was really deserved, I mean we created so many chances and unfortunately we made it difficult on us.”


On how it feels to win after what happened on Saturday:

“I think it’s great. Several times this season I think we’ve played great games but have let up late, or things just don’t go our way. Tonight, maybe the second PK wasn't such a great call, but hey, it went in our favor and I can’t ask for anything more than that. It was a great call by the referee, especially at home, and getting the win for the fans, it was great. It just showed a lot of character, going down 1-0 after dominating the entire game. Showing the character to come back and win the game 2-1 was great.”

On tonight’s defensive effort:

“I think they just had those freekicks from out wide and maybe the last chance. They didn't have much, I think everyone did well to get around (Federico) Higuain and not allow (Dominic) Oduro to be a threat (and get) behind (the defense). So I think overall the team did well defensively, and it was a great header by the guy.”

On the importance of tonight’s win:

“It’s great that we got those three points, they were much needed. Maybe now we can start getting more wins and start a streak, because that's something that we need. A few more wins could put us in an even better position. Now it’s time to start thinking about playoffs, and now every win counts. This is a fun time of the year.”


On how it feels to get the win:

“It’s great to get the win, like we said we were just going to come this week and just train hard and prepare for our opponent and we got the job done.”

On how many opportunities the team had:

“We were having various opportunities but we constantly have to keep working, but the penalties granted us the win tonight. Speaking from my behalf, I really just have to keep working on finishing and keeping the ball on frame as opposed to shooting it off target, and I think it’s all going to come together.”

On how he has to keep working:

“I want to put the ball in the back of the net but I just have to keep working. It really gets to me so I just have to keep working hard, I have to. There’s always competition out there, so I just have to keep working.”


On Bernardo Anor’s goal:

“I thought it was a good timing and good service from (Federico) Higuain. We had some players in the box and it was a good finish.”

On his team’s defensive performance:

“We went up a goal so we tried to put some guys in different positions but today they stood up and then they played very well. In the end we gave up two penalties but the defense was tremendous.”

On the Crew’s overall performance:

“We play every game like this. I mean there’s a lot of heart and determination, but unfortunately in the end of the game we (came up) a little bit short. Luck is not on our side to be honest with you so we have to work harder.”


On his evaluation of his performance:

“You know, came in to the game, it was 0-0, came in to try to make a difference out wide and I felt like I was able to contribute in ways defensively, obviously apply some pressure and get a couple of fouls in there. So just as a team to come in and be a spark for us was really my role and I felt I did well at that.”

On Anor’s goal:

“Higuain’s been serving in good balls all year and Bernardo (Anor) found himself in a good spot with a good snap header from inside the eighteen (yard box) and it was a great boost for us. It’s unfortunate we dropped two late penalties but it’s the nature of the game.”

On Columbus’s defensive performance:

“It was great, when you sustain pressure for pretty much 90 minutes straight and to hold as long as they did it’s a true testament to what we have as a team and we need to find a way to take pressure off those guys. Josh (Williams) and Chad (Marshall) and Danny (O’Rourke) played really great tonight. Danny was really solid for us tonight at the back as well as (Chad) Barson, so those guys were tremendous for us and kept us in the game.”


On his second half performance:

“I came on as a sub to just give the guys a little spark. They had been playing for 70-some minutes when I came on. I just wanted to try to make a difference as much as possible, whether it was offensively or defensively.”

On Columbus’s defensive performance:

“It was important for us to stay compact as a team. We knew going forward [the Galaxy] liked to get out wide and attack the flanks. So, I think we did a good job keeping it close like we did but it’s unfortunate to have two PK’s called on us in the end.”

On Bernardo Anor's goal:

“It was a free kick from the middle. Higuain served a good ball into Bernardo, he got up well and put it on goal and it went in. It was a good all-around play from everyone involved.”