As LA Galaxy trio return from Sweden, Kenney Walker and Bryan Gaul reflect on their experiences with Hammarby

CARSON, Calif. – Kenney Walker and Bryan Gaul returned to training with the LA Galaxy on Saturday after a couple of weeks training with Swedish side Hammarby.

All three of the players, who left for Sweden more than a week ago (Charlie Rugg, Bryan Gaul and Kenney Walker) returned from Scandinavia over the last few days, but only Walker and Gaul were present at training on Friday. While in Sweden, all three players played in scrimmages with the first team while Gaul and Walker took part in the Hammarby U-21’s 2-0 victory over the IK Sirus U-21’s on July 15. 

Following training on Friday, I spoke to both of them and asked about their experiences in Sweden.

(On their overall impressions of the trip to Sweden…)

GAUL: “It was nice going to another country and seeing different styles of play. It was fun to try my luck in a new environment I think that it went well. It went good for all us because we played well.”

WALKER: “It was fun. It was nice to go a different country and experience the world of soccer over there. It was a different environment and a whole different team. It was fun to show yourself to a new coaching staff. It was something that I definitely learned from, but now I’m just looking forward to the next thing either here or somewhere else. We’ll see what happens in the near future.”

 (On what they expect to come from the stint…)

GAUL: “I don’t know honestly. It was kind of random going away for a week and two days. It was just good to get some playing time elsewhere and let them see what you got.”

WALKER: “Not too sure right now. I’m a little, not down on myself, but it’s not the best [feeling] to get sent back. I’m always looking forward and contribute with whatever comes next in the future. Different circumstances calls for different things. Different teams need different players. All of us still have our heads up high because we’re still young players learning every day, so hopefully, we get out there and get another chance to show ourselves.”

(On how the level is different from Sweden and MLS…)

WALKER: “It was just different. Different countries have different styles of play. From Italy to Spain to here to Sweden, everyone has their own little style. You just have to get adapted to that style and take what you can of where you come from and apply that there. Hopefully, it mixes well and it goes from there. Hammarby are definitely a different team tactically, it’s a lot different than here because it’s more tactical than physical like it is here.”

(On what it was like visiting to Sweden…)

GAUL: “The time change messes with you big time. I’m so jetlagged right now, but it was definitely awesome because you got to meet different people and try different foods.

WALKER: “It was fun. It was definitely different than LA. Hammarby is right outside of Stockholm, so we got to see the city a little bit. Hammarby is a well-known place and they have good fans, good training facilities and it was fun to experience it all.”