Omar Gonzalez and the MLS All-Stars showcase their rap game in Funny or Die video

Now anyone knows me that I love rap,, I was born in the late-80's, and I love soccer -- well obviously -- but how do I feel about this new fusion of all those things for the website Funny Or Die and the MLS All-Star Game? Well, I love it. 

LA Galaxy center back Omar Gonzalez joins in the on tank top and fanny pack fun with fellow MLS All-Stars Brad Davis, Graham, Zusi, Kyle Beckerman, Chris Wondolowski, Jack Mcinerney, and Mike Magee. 

Now as for each of the verses, I'm a big fan of Gonzalez's flow, but props go to Beckerman and, of course, Magee for bringing the fire. See what I did there?

Check it out.