After a stint at right midfield in the ICC, Sean Franklin may reprise that role against FC Dallas

LA Galaxy right back Sean Franklin has made several stints up the field over his career, and if LA’s participation in the Guinness International Champions Cup is any indication, he may be asked to take up this role again this Sunday against FC Dallas.

In the Galaxy’s ICC match against AC Milan, Franklin saw time at right midfield to—by his own admission—mixed results as the team’s offense struggled to recreate their explosive success against Juve in Miami on Wednesday. However, if he is asked to reprise his role out wide against FC Dallas, the 28-year-old believes that he is ready for the responsibility. 

“Bruce told me that he was going to look at me at right midfielder over the next couple of weeks and it is my job to be prepared to be able to help the team in that area," said Franklin. "I think that I did okay [against Milan], but I just have to get better at that position and work on crossing, getting the ball in dangerous spots, and just being confident about taking on guys.”

If Franklin does see time on the flank, he'll be pitted against scrappy left back Jair Benitez, who has had his share of tussles with LA over the years. Ultimately, for the Galaxy to earn three points against Dallas, Franklin believes that LA must win these types of battles.

“They’re a tough team," said Franklin. "It’s going to be a tough game, any time that we play them it’s always scrappy and it’s never the prettiest game against that team.”