Professional Referee Organization responds to questions on offside calls in LA Galaxy and FC Dallas draw

Before we focus on the excitment of the new LA Galaxy third Designated Player that will be unveiled later today, the Professional Referee Organization took a look a the two "offside" goals conceded by the Galaxy in their 3-3 draw with FC Dallas.

PRO's Training and Development manager Paul Rejer took a look at both goals during the organization's "Play of the Week."

First up was the goal scored by Blas Perez in the 48th minute, Rejer was quick to agree that Perez was offside from the moment that Dallas midfielder Michel took the kick.

"Blas Perez of Dallas was in an offside position when the first free-kick was taken, the AR Kevin Duliba should have been aware of this as offside is his number one priority and focus," Rejer said. "As soon as the kicker plays the ball, the AR should focus on the offside player. Then, as in this case, as soon as he plays the ball he is interfering with play. Therefore, the goal should have been disallowed."

Rejer applied the same scrutiny to Perez's second goal in the 86th minute and came up with the same result. 

"Later in the game, George John of Dallas is in an offside position from a free-kick," Rejer said. "When the delivery came over he made a challenge for the ball and, at this point, the AR raised his flag for offside - this time for interfering with an opponent. Using the very same process he should have been aware of the offside player from the outset and concentrated on him and raised the flag when he became active.”


Thoughts on PRO's statements? Glad that they admit that the goals should have been disallowed? Expect Kevin Duliba to serve as an Assistant Referee again?

Share your thougths below.