Jack McBean on his father and the experience of growing up in an LA Galaxy jersey

CARSON, Calif. – In my latest feature for LAGalaxy.com, I look at LA Galaxy forward Jack McBean and his experiencing growing up in an LA Galaxy uniform.

The story discusses McBean’s rise from a kid, who would watch Manchester United with his father Calum to an 18-year-old, who is contending for minutes for the two-time defending MLS Cup Champions.

Galaxy Associate head coach Dave Sarachan admits that when LA first saw Jack, they knew that they had a player with the physical make-up to succeed; it was simply about filling in the rest.

“When we got Jack, we had the physical outline and the physical body type, but the internal, tactical, and the experience factor needed to continue to build upon each other through training and games,” said Sarachan. “Now we’re at this point, we have a much more complete player. Far from fully complete, but better in understanding the pace of MLS, connecting, and now it’s the final pass and the final shot that needs to count. We’ve seen a progression, now he needs 10 more percent to get himself at another level.”

Below is more from my talk with Jack McBean about his time growing up, his father, and a plethora of other topics. Check it out below…

(On growing up and soccer help from his father…)              

MCBEAN: “He was always really supportive. He was my coach in AYSO but then once I got to the club level he kind of backed off a little bit from the coaching side. He was always intense but never in a negative way, he’d be yelling at all the guys on my team just encouraging them. They all love him and he still goes back to their games and does the same thing, so that’s pretty funny. “

(On when he knew professional soccer was what he wanted to do…)

MCBEAN: “Probably when I got to high school and had some interest from the national team and knew I was a pretty good player for my age and then the contract came up and it was a no brainer for me.”

(On his first soccer memories…)

MCBEAN: “The first thing I remember was playing AYSO on this all-star team and we made it all the way. But I mean I’ve been playing forever and the games always on at my house, always soccer on the weekends. So yeah, it’s in my blood I guess.”

(On being 18 and playing alongside players who are married with kids…)

MCBEAN: “It’s definitely weird if you really think about it but everyone’s got a different scenario that they’re in and there’s a bunch of young guys out here, a couple guys still live with their family too and there’s old guys who have kids who live with them so it’s kind of weird if you think about it but it’s cool. Everyone can play this game.”

(On his first goal before graduating high school, which he did earlier this year…)

MCBEAN: “Yeah that was a good game. We didn’t get a good result but our team was really good that year and had the supporters shield locked up so all the youngsters kind of got a chance and luckily I put one in the back of the net. It was cool.”

(On playing alongside fellow academy graduates like Jose Villarreal and Oscar Sorto…)

MCBEAN: “It definitely makes it a lot more fun. You know the guys before they’re on the team but this is my third year so I know everyone pretty well. Been with most of the guys for over two years now and comfortable with all of them.”

(On going from AYSO to playing with Landon Donovan  and Robbie Keane…)

MCBEAN: “It’s pretty crazy to think about. [Back when I was a kid], I would always watch for those guys on the weekend. Especially Robbie, playing for Leeds and Tottenham and all those EPL teams so it’s pretty weird to think about but it’s pretty cool.”