Must See Video: This Is Home: Finding Identity on the Playing Fields of the US and Mexico

In a fascinating video for, LA Galaxy forward Jose Villarreal and FC Dallas goalkeeper Richard Sanchez discuss their identity and the rationale behind their selection to play for the United States and Mexico. 

This type of struggle is fairly common among Latinos in the United States, not simply those that have the skills to play soccer. What I find fascinating about the stories of Villarreal and Sanchez is not only are they key prospects for the respective nations, but they both hail from the Southern California area and had the option to play for either the U.S. or Mexico. Although many fume when a player chooses one nationality over another, it's important to remember that these decisions stem far deeper than the soccer field, but also one's personal identity. 

Expect many more situations like these in the future, but remember that it isn't purely just a Mexican-American struggle, but one that exists for all players of dual nationalities like Salvadorian-American Oscar Sorto or Scottish-American Jack McBean.

Check out the video below...