Jeff Cunningham speaks to about sharing the MLS goal scoring record with Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan is on the brink of breaking Jeff Cunningham’s all-time MLS regular season goal scoring record, but what does the man whose mark is about be broken think of the LA Galaxy forward’s accomplishment.

Cunningham, who scored 134 goals while making 365 appearances during his 14-year career in MLS while playing for six teams, spoke to’s Jeff Bradley earlier this week about the goal scoring record.  When asked about how he felt when Donovan tied his record, Cunningham handled the question with grace, mentioning his humble upbringings back in Jamaica.

“If you know my background, I grew up in Jamaica playing barefoot. My goal was to play professional. And now you’re asking me, interviewing me about being the all-time leading scorer, in a league that has produced many great players,” said Cunningham to Bradley. “And now I’m going to be passed by one of the best players in US soccer history. That’s a pretty good story. I’m proud of where I am, and what I’ve accomplished. I’m honored. To be asked these questions, to be mentioned alongside Landon Donovan, I’m humbled.”

But does Cunningham any words for Donovan as he prepares to pass him on the league’s all-time goal scoring chart?

“Landon, Landon, Landon ... you have every record in the US. Why couldn’t you just let me have this one?” Cunningham joked.

“No, really, I’m honored to be up there with him. I think the world of him and for me to be mentioned with him, that’s not too shabby, my friend."