Report: Robbie Keane "verbally agrees" to a two-year contract extension with the LA Galaxy

Robbie Keane has no intention of leaving Southern California.

The LA Galaxy captain told Sky Sports on Tuesday that he has “verbally agreed” to a two-year contract that may extend to three seasons which could make LA the final stop for the 33-year-old forward.  The Irishman told Sky back in January that he had extended his initial deal with the Galaxy by another two seasons.

"I'm certainly excited about that and playing for the Galaxy in the future. I didn't think I was going to go there and then come back to the Premier League, but I'm enjoying my football there and the club has been very good to me,” Keane told Sky. "As soon as you hit that 30 age mark in football, people are reluctant to give you contracts but this will be the third contract I've signed since I've been there and it shows the faith they have in me.

Keane is coming off a season that saw him score 16 goals and 11 assists in 23 appearances during an MVP season. When speaking to Sky Sports ahead of Ireland’s friendlies against Latvia and Poland, the Galaxy captain admitted that he’s already begun the preparations of what he’ll do after hanging up his boots—even though he has no intention to do so any time soon.

"I've still got a good few years left in me. But I'm looking to do my coaching badges in January in Ireland,” Keane added. "The FAI has a good structure here to help players if they want to do that. It's something I'm passionate about and need to get into if I want to stay in the game."

"Since I've been there, it's been a strong league. It's a tough league because of the structure that works there with everyone competing at roughly the same level. Every team can beat every other, so it's very competitive,” Keane added.  "When people come over to play in it, I always tell them, 'don't think you're coming over for a holiday'. There's a lot of pressure on the three designated players as people are expecting you to deliver all the time."