Another glance at the new LA Galaxy primary kits

The LA Galaxy's primary jersey will be unveiled on March 3 and on Wednesday, we take a second look at the club's new primary kit on LA Galaxy Insider. 

Earlier in the week, we looked at the the Galaxy emblem on the back collar, now we take a look at the team's crest which is emblazoned with quasars. This effect means that the team's three jerseys will each have their own interpretation of the Galaxy crest with the second kit (and the training jersey) providing the classic blue and gold logo while the 1996-inspired third jersey depicts the logo in greyscale. The front of the jersey's collar can also be seen with the same gold and blue pattern that was seen on the back. 

Remember, these jerseys can already be preordered on

Below is a video from the league that provides an initial glance at the new kits of 19 MLS teams. 

Check it out.