Girls' Academy Placement

girls academy

While preparing our athletes for competition on a weekly basis is a strict part of our curriculum, the Galaxy Academy staff is equally committed to working in unison with our athletes to develop individualized plans for the next step in their careers. With access to professional resources and years of experience in the soccer world— both at the collegiate and professional level—our coaching staff is uniquely positioned to help each athlete within the Academy attain their personal goals and prepare them for success as they embark on their journeys at the next level and beyond. 

Currently, we have several athletes committed to Division 1 colleges. See below for our current athlete commits. We will update regularly as more of our athletes make their verbal commitments.

  • Maya Cooper (01)—Cal State Fullerton
  • Sydney Sharp (01)—University of Denver
  • Daikiara Williams (01)—Arizona State University
  • Katelin Bebe (99)—Cal State Fullerton
  • Katelyn Patterson (99)—Cal State Fullerton
  • Kaya Hawkison (99)—Cal State Fullerton
  • Colby Wilson (99)—Eastern Washington University
  • Shelby Little (99)—Pepperdine University