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Mike Magee stint in goal lights up Twitter

While a 0-0 scoreline may not sound like a match that would keep fans talking for days, the Galaxy's scoreless draw on the road against the San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday is doing just that, thanks to an incredible performance by Galaxy forward Mike Magee - in goal.

The Galaxy lost Donovan Ricketts to an arm injury in the 24th minute and then lost his backup Josh Saunders to a red card two minutes before halftime. With the team in need of a goalkeeper, Magee stepped forward and took on the challenge, donning the gloves and jumping in goal for the rest of the match. Listed at only 5'10", the nine-year MLS veteran looked anything but out of place in goal, recording four saves in his 47 minutes in net, keeping San Jose off the scoreboard and helping the Galaxy extended their unbeaten streak to 10 matches.

Watch: Magee denies Lenhart to preserve shutout
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@EliOConnor: Mike Magee is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

Galaxy Strength & Conditioning Coach Ben Yauss, @byauss1:  He once ran a marathon backwards... just to see what second place looked like.

Galaxy defender Omar Gonzalez, @Omar4Gonzalez:  be afraid when you see Mike Magee, be VERY afraid when you don't see Mike Magee!



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