Ask the Insider: Edition Eight

Good morning everyone,

It is time for the eighth edition of "Ask the Insider." Today's question comes is from Luis Martel What do you think of Bruce Arena's starting XI? And do you think Bruce cares about the CCL?

The starting XI in the matches against the Puerto Rico Islanders has beeen a source of contention for many in the LA Galaxy twitterverse and while I'll admit to initial shock when I first saw the lineup sheet before the match in August, I believe the youth-laden squad has been successful in the two matches that they have played so far in the CONCACAF Champions League. Not only have they earned important results (a 4-0 win at The Home Depot Center in August and a tricky 0-0 draw in Puerto Rico) to keep the Galaxy in front in Group 5, but the young squad has performed very well in both matches, further increasing their own development. But aside from boosting the confidence and form of the young players, depth is critical when attempting to advance in contintential and domestic competitions and the use of the young squad keeps LA's first team fresh for important league matches.  

To answer the second part of your question, I think it is immensely clear that Bruce Arena and the entire Galaxy organization have put a lot of emphasis into the CCL and aspire to become the first MLS team to reach the Club World Cup. Following the club's shock exit from the CCL in March, both players and coaches admitted that falling in the CCL to a great deal out of the team as it been an important priority for the Galaxy to advance in the competition.  Aside from the assurances from the club's coaches and players about winning the tournament, even AEG President Tim Leiweke has come out numerous times stating that it is important for the Galaxy as a club and as a brand to win the CCL. 


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