An inside look at Herediano

To get a better feel for C.S. Herediano and the conditions that the LA Galaxy will face in Costa Rica, I spoke to Juan Carlos Aguero, a columnist for Fox Deportes in Costa Rica

Check out my chat with the Costa Rican reporter below…

LA GALAXY INSIDER “Herediano recently underwent a coaching change. How has the team changed? What info can you provide on the new coach?”

AGUERO: “Since the coaching change, Heredia has become more offensive, they changed the game strategy to 4-4-2 and cut off the double 5. The trainer, Marvin Solano likes to have the possession of the ball in every minute of the game.”

LAGI: “Which Herediano players should Galaxy fans be aware of?

AGUERO: “Yendrick Ruiz is the main scorer of the team, and on the Costa Rica league, he has scored six times [this season], he is a very talented player and really fast, he likes to play on the outside. Meanwhile, Ismael Gomez and Elias Aguilar create the game in the midfield, Gomez is a lefty and his specialty is set pieces, he is actually the most important weapon with Heredia [on set pieces]. Aguilar in the other side is very good with shots from outside the area and he has a great vision of game— both are very good with physical game.”

LAGI: “What is the perception of the Galaxy in Costa Rica?”

AGUERO: “The Galaxy is the team who has many followers in Costa Rica, the quality of the players is something to admire, also the Galaxy is the MLS Cup Champion at the moment and they have a lot of respect for them.”

LAGI: “How important is the Champions League to this team and teams in the Costa Rican league?”

AGUERO: “The tournament is very important to the team in terms of international prestige, Costa Rican teams look forward to play this tournament and want win it—even though it’s really hard due to the level of opponents.”

LAGI: “How important was it for Herediano to defeat Real Salt Lake in the group stage?”

AGUERO: “It was very important because they are aware they can compete with the MLS teams knowing they have more facilities and the game level is higher.”

LAGI: “Will there be a lot of focus paid on LA midfielder Marcelo Sarvas, who scored a game winner against Herediano in a cup final?”

AGUERO: “Yes, Sarvas scored in the [Invierno] final, and many [Herediano fans] claim that goal was offside, so he is not very accepted among Heredia fans.”

LAGI: “Can you talk about the Eladio Rosabal Cordero Stadium? What are the conditions like and what is the fan support like? Should a sell-out be expected?”

AGUERO: “Eladio Rosabal Cordero Stadium is actually very small, but there are some areas on the stadium that doesn’t have fences, so the Heredia fans can be feel really close and they are very intense and passionate for their team.”

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