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Postgame Quotes: LA Galaxy vs Chivas USA


On the team’s performance:

“I think it was a poor performance on our part today—bad game, a lot of fouls, a lot of time-wasting. Not well played on our part, obviously. A terrible effort in closing the game.”

On what he attributed the draw to and if it was a result of playing in the Champions League midweek:

“Not playing well. It has nothing to do with fitness. We played a game on Wednesday, obviously. It was a little bit of a difficult week for us this time of year, but we didn’t play well. Our passing was poor. We didn’t play well today.”

On the play of Chivas USA:

“Certainly, give them credit. They played real hard. They go in on every play. There was a lot of fouling. I wouldn’t even know what all the fouls would be, but he didn’t get all of them. They fouled us as much as they could. They got away with as much as they could, but that’s all a part of the game. That’s not surprising. Going into the game, their style of play—that’s what we anticipated. So there are no excuses on our part.”

On Chivas USA’s late goal:

“It was just a sloppy effort at the end of the game. Our goalkeeper hadn’t faced a shot all day, to be honest with you, just at the end there. We didn’t do well.”

On Jack McBean’s goal:

“Jack did well. It was going to take an ugly goal, honestly. They had everyone behind the ball. It wasn’t going to be easy. Our passing wasn’t good today. Our playing in and around the penalty area wasn’t good. It’s not surprising that the goal was going to look like that.”


Overall thought’s on the game:

“We didn’t play well today. Probably had one of my worst performances in a long time, I think. A lot of sloppy play, disappointing obviously.”

On if he was frustrated:

“Yeah. There was a couple of situations we could have taken advantage of if  we had been a lot quicker on our play all around the pitch but we just looked like we had heavy legs.”

On conceding a late goal:

“It was a lack of concentration on our part rather than good play from Chivas, because they didn’t play that well, but we didn’t play as well as we can.”

On how the Galaxy rebound from this result:

“Simple. Just win the next game.”


His overall thoughts on the game:

“It’s a team that’s not very good, they come out to play and all they want to do is whack us. We battle, take their whacks, and then we finally get a goal— which is obviously, obviously, a good thing— and then to give one up was very disappointing.”

On if the physical nature of the game surprised him:

“Everyone knew exactly what they were going to do. They were going to slow the game down from the hop, they were taking cheap shots, trying to force their will that way. They played exactly how we thought they would. We just played the opposite of how we thought we would.”

On his clash with Oswaldo Minda:

“On that tackle Minda was fuming, I think was trying to end me. I got a couple of gashes on my leg to prove it. I think as I was getting up, three players said to watch out for him because that’s what he is known for.”

On what challenges today’s game presented:

“I think today was a test of character we definitely failed. In the first half we had all kinds of chances. And then all of the sudden we finally get a goal, after all of that, we only have a couple of minutes to close out the game and we failed at that as well.”


Overall thoughts on the game:

“It was disappointing. We didn’t express our best soccer today, for sure, but we managed to score a goal that would have gotten us the three points. So, to concede a late goal like that, of course, really hurts.”

On what happened in the game-tying goal:

“I don’t know. The guy managed to be free on the right side and then cross the ball and then it’s just a tap in. But I think a few minutes earlier, we had a free kick in our half and just kick the ball to their goalkeeper and that shouldn’t happen. When you’re up with three or four minutes to go you just have to keep the ball. I hope that’s a lesson that we learn.”

On how Chivas USA responded to playing a man down:

“To be fair, congratulations to Chivas as well, because in the end they played down for 50 minutes down to 10 men and they manage not to concede too much. And then, in the end they got to score a lucky goal. In the end it’s 1-1.”


On the physicality of the game:

“We knew it was going to be physical, it’s a good rivalry between us. We knew their style of play and what we had to do and we did it. Then we gave it up at the end.”

On scoring his first goal of the MLS season and first career goal at The HDC:

“It was good to get a goal, but I would rather have the team win the game.”


Thoughts on the game: “On the field, we won a point, but off the field we won a hundred points in respect. At this point, when we talk about respect, we are a team that deserves to be champion. Our rival is one of the best in the league; they have my admiration and respect for what they do. As for my players, as usual, they kept on fighting, made a great effort, and I would like for everybody to respect that effort. I would like for this institution to be respected as well, that is the way it should be. This institution deserves respect.”

Thoughts on the result: “Believe me, I don’t care about the point we got today. I never care about winning a championship, nonetheless care about this point. What I care for is my players and how they honor this profession as soccer players. I care about those human beings that as of now I can say that after they retired as professional players, they will be great individuals. This is a group of very honest young men that want to do well in what they do [play soccer] and they do it stupendously.”

On Carlos Alvarez’s goal: “Alvarez was a great college soccer player but the MLS’ level is different and he’s adjusting to it. He keeps on making the effort day in and day out, but please, let’s talk about Alvarez, the human being, the young guy with big charisma, the guy who today, making his debut in the league, scored his first goal and nonetheless against the Galaxy. Alvarez, the individual who grew up loving this institution, in this city, and as I said, he scored in front of his family, friends, and followers. We, as an institution, should feel fortunate to have him.”

On Galaxy’s Head Coach: “I would like to take my hat off [for Mr. Arena]. He’s a coach that has seen many, many more games than me and has coached many, many more games than me. If he said that we [Chivas USA] committed many fouls, he has his reasons. What I can say is that my team does not play with bad intentions; I really believe this is just part of the game and my players are trying to recuperate and win every ball throughout the game. However, unintentionally, this effort can result in a foul. Nevertheless, I respect Mr. Arenas’ opinion.”


Thoughts on his first MLS goal: It’s not my goal; it’s the whole team’s goal. We were all fighting for this game and we kept on fighting for each ball. The team deserves this. I saw [Carlos] Borja playing a one-two with [Eric] Avila and then Borja crossed the ball. I saw [Juan] Agudelo running to the first post; my job is to run to the back post.  I was there and pushed it in.”

Thoughts on the game: “I feel proud of my team because we all fought hard on the field and thankfully, I was the fortunate one to have scored. But, again, it’s the whole team’s goal. The atmosphere is something big here and I’m grateful I was part of this. At the end of the day I’m here for my team, to enjoy every moment, to enjoy the colors that I’m wearing and just fight for the colors.”

On Chelis’ message at half-time: “Chelis told us to fight each play like it’s our last and that’s all we did. We had that in our head, to fight as a group and no one is going to beat us. That’s how we think about it. That’s his philosophy and all the guys are tuned into it.”


Thoughts on the match: “A lot of people probably thought that game was over once Galaxy scored. I was really proud of us last week when we came back from a goal down to score three and get a victory. This week I have that same exact feeling. We had everything against us, we were playing with ten men against the two-time defending champs, and we showed that we could still get on the board and make this match competitive.”

On the equalizer: “We went down a goal, and to me, when you have ten men on the field and you’re down a goal, with a minute left, who cares if you give up another goal. We were able to throw a few numbers forward, and it panned out great for us.”


On the equalizing play: “Just a developing play. Avila plays a great pass to me into space, I just turned, first-time pass to a cutting Alvarez who made a spectacular run. All he had to do was tap it in. Beautiful! His debut, his first MLS goal, what better day to do it than in the SuperClásico.”

On the significance of his assist: “It means the world to me. I love this club, I love this organization. And to play against our rival and to do something big to help out the team and the organization, and more than anything, my teammates, it means the world to me.”