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A letter from Mike Magee

The following is an open letter penned by former Galaxy midfielder Mike Magee upon his trade to the Chicago Fire on Saturday...

I’m not sure how to say it other than I love the LA Galaxy.

I want to thank so many people but the words ‘thank you’ seem too inadequate. How do you thank fans that would start chants claiming I was on fire after my shot almost hit the corner flag? I may use those words over and over again in this but know I really mean a much bigger, stronger word that just isn't in my vocabulary.

First off, thank you to every Galaxy fan out there, especially the ACB, Riot Squad and Galaxians, it was a pleasure to play in front of you.

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Thank you to AEG, specifically Tim Leiweke, Dan Beckerman and the reason I get paid to play a kids game, Mr. Anschutz, for treating me as an equal in a company as brilliant as itself.

Thank you Chris Klein for being an amazing teammate, President and mainly for being one of the best men I know.

Thanks to my good friend Armando Rivas and his staff for not allowing me to miss a minute of a playoff game due to injury.

Thanks to the real boss of the LA Galaxy Raul Vargas for not having me traded before we could win two cups!

Most people don’t get to see all of the work that they do, but the front office is first class.

I love my teammates and coaches and there are not enough words to truly express that and the thought of them brings me to tears, I'll just say that I’ll talk to you guys soon and we did it.

And now to the only reason I came here. Bruce Arena. I can count on one hand the amount of people who have changed the direction of my life and you are one of them. I'm forever in debt to you.

This entire club has given me everything that I could have ever wished for, including allowing me the opportunity to return to my home of Chicago. This was not an easy decision for me and my family, but it is what we feel is for the best and I am appreciative to both the Galaxy and the Fire to helping facilitate this request.

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Thank you once again to everyone and I looked forward to the time that we get to cross paths once again.

#18, Mike Magee