Postgame Quotes: LA Galaxy fall to 1-0 defeat to the Portland Timbers

Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena

Overall thoughts on the match:
“It was a good game. I think given the conditions, both teams played well.”

On the affect of the weather on the match:
“It's not easy. It's the same for both teams, so you can't complain about it.”

On the offside call in second-half stoppage time:
“If the referee is right, more credit to him. We've been in a lot of games this year where the plays aren't even close and they don't have them right. So, if they had it right, more credit to them."

On the Western Conference playoff race:
“It's close, obviously.”

Galaxy forward Landon Donovan

On the team’s performance:
"It's a tough game with the rain, with the turf, and we're playing against a good team in their stadium. We didn't create any great chances, but I thought overall we played well. We were a little at fault for not shooting and putting the ball on frame a little bit more, but we certainly had better chances in the game than they did. But we can be better and we know when we play at home we're better than that. Tonight, I thought we did enough to at least get a point, but unfortunately we let ourselves down."

On tightening up on set pieces:
"It's a mentality. Defending set pieces is so a mentality. It's who wants the ball. Too often, guys have let down in that area. So, either you change who's marking or people don't play if they can't do that. That's sort of the harsh reality, but that's how it has to be. We can't keep giving up goals like that."

On moving on from the loss:
"We'll rebound easily. Games like this happen. There's not many teams that come here and dominate possession, dominate chances, and dominate the game. That being said, we still lost. They had one half-chance all night and they scored a goal. We had a few OK chances and we didn't get the goal. That's how soccer is, that's how the game is. Overall, I think we played well and we're not overly worried about it."

On the last four games of the season:
"We have three games in a row now at home and realistically, to put ourselves in a really good position, we need to win all three. We feel like we can win all three, we should win all three, but we can't keep giving up goals like the one we did today. As the season gets towards the end and gets tighter, those are the plays that matter and we need to make sure that we're on the positive end of those, not the negative."

Galaxy forward Robbie Keane

On the overall feeling after the game:
"It's really difficult, it's frustrating especially because we seem to be talking about the same stuff all the time, so another set piece; that's a killer. If we stop a team from set pieces, we certainly won't win every game, but for some reason we keep conceding set pieces which, at the moment, is certainly our downfall."

On set piece marking:
"It's the desire to win the header – stay with your man and don't let your man beat you; have enough desire to get there and want to win the ball. At this moment of time, the other teams probably just have more desire than we have to win defensive pieces."

On looking ahead to the final matches of the regular season:
"There's 12 points, obviously, to still get some. We certainly need to start kicking right now because there's not much time left. So, if we keep conceding from set pieces, we can forget about getting to the playoffs. We need to stop fairly soon because there's not many games left. That's what we've been trying to work on for however long it's been since we've been conceding (set pieces) but it's just one of those things that we'll take on the chin and move on and look forward to next week's game."

Galaxy defender Omar Gonzalez

On the overall feeling about the result:
"We wanted to come here and get some points and now we've leaving with zero, but on the night I thought we were aggressive, we played really well. But out of really two chances, they scored on a set piece. So, we got beat by a set piece again which isn't good."

On the team’s upcoming home stretch:
"We have three games at home and the last one is against Seattle. At home, we can't drop any points, we have to hopefully get nine points out of those three games. If we do that, we'll be sitting OK."