Javier Hernandez is in Los Angeles but will he play for Manchester United against the LA Galaxy?

Mexican national team star and Manchester United forward Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez landed in Los Angeles last night, but whether he plays in Wednesday's Chevrolet Cup between United and the LA Galaxy is still up in the air.  

United manager Louis van Gaal entertained several questions about unsettled striker who is currently rumored to be close to a move away from the club. While speculation has been high about Hernandez's next move, van Gaal was quick to note that Hernandez will be given an opportunity to impress the new boss this preseason. 

“I have to see if he performs how I want, and now, I can only see what he has shown under the guidance of another trainer and coach,” van Gaal said on Tuesday during a press conference that was delayed nearly 45 minutes after United found themselves stuck in rush hour traffic. “He will arrive and then I will meet him, we will train, and after that, he will perform in a match and only after that, I can say anything about it.”

Although van Gaal's words bode well for Chicharito's short term future with the club, his insistence on having him train before playing in a match may see him play limited -- if any -- minutes during Wednesday's match at the Rose Bowl Stadium against the Galaxy.

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