LA Galaxy II Year in Review: Eric Lopez

How did you improve as a player this season?

“Looking back at the past seasons that I’ve been here with Galaxy II, I think definitely my feet have gotten a lot better and probably my positioning as a keeper. Those are some aspects that have really improved dramatically in my opinion and I think in my coach’s opinion as well. It’s tough to start out as a young keeper because you start learning a lot. Even as a pro, you have to learn a lot. I feel this past season showed a lot of improvement from those aspects and I’m pretty content with that. Obviously, next year is going to be a different year and different things need to improve. I look forward to it already.” 

What was your favorite memory of the season?

“I would say the best memory was in San Antonio. Even if we didn’t get the result we wanted in that game, I think performance wise we had a great game. It shows how one play can change the whole game. We played very well that game and, even though we ended up losing 2-1, I think it was a solid performance from everyone all around. It felt good to make a PK save in that one too.”

What are some of your expectations for the 2019 season?

“Our coaches always tell us this club is giving us all an opportunity to come in as young players.Obviously, we didn’t make playoffs this year and that’s a pretty big blow for us because it’s been two years where we haven’t made the playoffs unfortunately. I think we are growing and we are continuing to grow. Everyone knows that even though we are here to improve as young players, the goal for everyone is to make the playoffs next year and make a big push. As a club, as a player for this club, we want to make it the farthest we can. We represent the trophies we’ve won in the past as a first team. I think a lot of things need to improve, but we made a big jump this year and I think next year we’ll be solid.” 

What do you think the team should focus on improving in the offseason?

“I think closing out matches and not shutting off, not being so naïve in some plays. We started games where we started off on the wrong foot. [In those games] we were getting pushed back or we were pinned. Or, we started games well in the first 20 to 25 minutes, but we shut off for a couple of minutes and that’s when teams, especially in the USL, capitalized. I think that’s one of the main reasons we lost a lot of games this year. That’s one improvement we need to focus on coming in next year.”

What are you looking forward to the most for the 2019 season?

“I’ve always said every year is a big year for me and for everyone else on our team.I just look forward to being with the same group of guys that have been here for awhile. I know a couple of guys are taking off, taking their dreams somewhere else, but it’s always nice to be around players like Ethan or players like Adrian, all those guys who have been here for awhile, coming through Academy. I think just making more memories again as a player and continuing to get better.”