Season Ticket Member Representatives


  • Start date: March 2013
    Phone: (310)-630-2299
    Neighborhood: 105-109
    Hometown: San Diego, CA    
    College: UC Santa Barbara
    Favorite Movie: Independence Day
    Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones
    Favorite Artist: Carrie Underwood
    Favorite Galaxy moment: MLS Cup 2012
    Favorite Food: Mexican
    My friends describe me as: Responsible, nice, passionate, positive, and dependable
    Fun Fact: I studied at the University of Granada in Granada, Spain for a year in 2008-2009
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  • Start date: February 2013 
    Phone: (310)-630-2031
    Neighborhood: Suites; 110-111
    Hometown: Winchester, VA
    College: University of South Carolina
    Favorite Movie: Gidget
    Favorite TV Show: Friends 
    Favorite Artist: Justin Timberlake
    Favorite Galaxy moment: MLS Cup 2014
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    About me: You can find me at the beach on days off
    Fun Fact: I started flying at 16
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  • Start date: February 2017
    Phone: (310)-630-2011
    Neighborhood: Fieldside; 110-112
    Hometown: La Mirada, CA
    College: Cal State Fullerton
    Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
    Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones
    Favorite Artist: Luke Bryan
    Favorite Galaxy moment: Being a part of a marriage proposal during a 2015 pregame
    Favorite Food: Boba drinks
    About me: Loyal and passionate
    Fun Fact: Love to read books prior to them getting made into films.
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  • Start date: May 2014
    Phone: (310)-630-2295
    Neighborhood: LA Galaxy II
    Hometown: San Diego, CA
    College: Knox College
    Favorite Movie: Anchorman
    Favorite TV Show: House of Cards
    Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Favorite Galaxy moment: MLS Cup 2014
    Favorite Food: Fish Tacos from Tijuana
    About me: I’ve been to 13 different countries on 4 continents, living in Barcelona was the best
    Fun Fact: I went diving with sharks in Hawaii when I was a teenager
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  • Start date: August 2015
    Phone: (310)-630-2210
    Neighborhood: 133-136
    Hometown: San Jose, CA
    College: Cal Poly Pomona
    Favorite Movie: Shaun of the Dead
    Favorite TV Show: Gossip Girl
    Favorite Band: Blink 182
    Favorite Galaxy moment: The 2015 LA Galaxy Holiday Party sledding!
    Favorite Food: Sushi
    My friends describe me as: Sincere
    Fun Fact: I make really awesome tacos
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  • Start date: May 2018
    Phone: (310)-630-2276
    Neighborhood: 128-132
    Hometown: Carpinteria, CA
    College:California Lutheran University
    Favorite Movie:Benchwarmers
    Favorite TV Show: The Office
    Favorite Band:  Florida Georgia Line
    Favorite Galaxy moment: Witnessing Zlatan's volley versus LAFC!
    Favorite Food: Sushi or a good burger
    My friends describe me as:Happy, personable, and adventurous!
    Fun Fact:I was raised on a flower farm and sold them at local Farmers Markets growing up.
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  • Start date: May 2017
    Phone: (310)-630-2230
    Neighborhood: 113- 115
    Hometown: Herndon, Virginia
    College: James Madison University
    Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld
    Favorite Band: Sublime
    Favorite Galaxy moment: September 18 of last season, when Landon Donovan
    scored to tie the match in Kansas City.
    Favorite Food: Anything from Chick-fil-A
    About Me: I grew up in Northern Virginia, just outside of DC,
    and attended James Madison University. Since graduating
    I have worked for the Orlando Citrus Bowl, Orlando City SC and
    The Aspire Group at UC Irvine. 
    Fun Fact: I am one-quarter Egyptian and my grandmother has a room of
    Egyptian artifacts in her house in Virginia.
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  • Start date: April 2017
    Phone: (310)-630-2155
    Neighborhood: 101-104, 139-142
    Hometown: Anaheim, CA
    College: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
    Favorite Movie: Star Wars & Lord of the Rings
    Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones
    Favorite Band: Armin Van Buuren
    Favorite Galaxy moment: Making ice-cream cookie sandwiches for families at
    LA Ronald McDonald House with Landon Donovan.
    Favorite Food: Persian food <3 kabobs
    About Me: Soccer is my #1 love but I also love football, basketball, and tennis.
    Favorite club other than LA Galaxy is Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
    I have an insatiable wanderlust and love going to the beach.
    Fun Fact:  I’ve traversed the Sahara with local Bedouin tribesmen on
    a camel named Jamal.
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  • Start date: April 2015
    Phone: (310)-630-2233
    Neighborhood: Galaxians, LARS, ACB
    Hometown: Springfield, MO
    College: Westminster College
    Favorite Movie: The first Jurassic Park
    Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad
    Favorite Band: Blink-182
    Favorite Galaxy moment: Beating NYCFC 5-1 in their inaugural season
    Favorite Food: PIZZA!!!
    My Friends Describe me as:  Funny, Personable, Caring
    Fun Fact:  I have a dog that weighs almost as much as I do.
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  • Start date: August 2016
    Phone: (310)-630-2235
    Neighborhood: Galaxians, LARS, ACB
    Hometown: Hawthorne, CA
    College: Texas State University
    Favorite Movie: The Sandlot
    Favorite TV Show: Sons of Anarchy
    Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Favorite Galaxy moment: Getting hired to work for the best club in MLS history
    Favorite Food: Mexican
    My Friends Describe me as: Friendly and outgoing 
    Fun Fact: I played soccer with Gyasi Zardes. His dad was the Head Coach of our team.
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  • Start date: June 2017
    Phone: (310)-630-2265
    Neighborhood: 226-238
    Hometown: San Dimas, CA
    College: Pepperdine University
    Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans
    Favorite TV Show: How to Get Away with Murder
    Favorite Band: A Tribe Called Quest
    Favorite Galaxy moment: 2014 MLS Cup Overtime Victory
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    My Friends Describe me as:  Easy going
    Fun Fact:  I've traveled to 5 of the 7 continents in the world.
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