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Major League Soccer club roster compositions are now available, showcasing how all 22 club rosters are built for the 2017 season.

This additional roster information includes where players sit on the roster (i.e. Senior, Supplemental or Reserve roster), specific player designations (i.e. International, Designated Player, Homegrown Player) and current roster status (availability for gameday selection). The roster composition for each club will only reflect players that have all necessary documents (ITCs, Visas, federation registration) into the League Office in order to be officially added to a team’s roster and be made available for MLS game selection. Club roster compositions will remain up-to-date throughout the 2017 MLS season.   

Check out the Galaxy’s roster composition below while full 2017 club roster compositions can be found at

LA Galaxy 2017 Roster

Alessandrini, Romain SeniorSRDP, INTL
Almeida Machado, Joao SeniorSRINTL
Arellano, Hugo SupplementalSUPHG
Boateng, Emmanuel SeniorSRINTL
Cole, Ashley SeniorSRINTL
Diallo, Bradley SupplementalSUP
Diop, Clement SupplementalSUPINTL
dos Santos, Giovani SeniorSRDP, INTL
Garcia, Rafael SeniorSR
Husidic, Baggio SeniorSR
Jamieson, Bradford SeniorSRHG
Jones, Jermaine SeniorSR
Kempin, Jon SeniorSR
Kennedy, Dan SeniorSR
Lassiter, Ariel ReserveRESHG
Lletget, Sebastian SeniorSR
McBean, Jack SeniorSRHG
Mendiola, Raul ReserveRESINTL, HG
Rogers, Robbie SeniorSR
Romney, David SeniorSR
Rowe, Brian SeniorSR
Smith, Nathan ReserveRESHG
Steres, Daniel SeniorSR
Van Damme, Jelle SeniorSRINTL
Villarreal, Jose SupplementalSUPHG
Villarreal, Jaime ReserveRESHG
Zardes, Gyasi SeniorSRHG
27 of 30 spots filled

"R.S." = Roster Status, "CAT" = Player Category

"SR" = Senior Roster, "SUP" = Supplmental Roster, "RES" = Supplmental Roster, "OL" = On loan, "DP" = Designated Player, "YDP" = Young Designated Player", "INTL" = International Player, "HG" = Homegrown Player, "GA" = Generation adidas, "GA-C" = Generation adidas Canada, "UN" = "Unavailable"

Senior Roster (Spots 1-20)
1Alessandrini, RomainDP, INTL
2Almeida Machado, JoaoINTL
3Boateng, EmmanuelINTL
4Cole, AshleyINTL
5dos Santos, GiovaniDP, INTL
6Garcia, Rafael
7Husidic, Baggio
8Jamieson, BradfordHG
9Jones, Jermaine
10Kempin, Jon
11Kennedy, Dan
12Lletget, Sebastian
13McBean, JackHG
14Rogers, Robbie
15Romney, David
16Rowe, Brian
17Steres, Daniel
18Van Damme, JelleINTL
19Zardes, GyasiHG

Supplemental Roster (Spots 21-24)
21Arellano, HugoHG
22Diallo, Bradley
23Diop, ClementINTL
24Villarreal, JoseHG

Reserve Roster (Spots 25-30)
25Lassiter, ArielHG
26Mendiola, RaulINTL, HG
27Smith, NathanHG
28Villarreal, JaimeHG