Avo is a Radiology Records Technician at Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center in Glendale, CA. As a radiology technician, Avo focuses on helping patients while they are getting x-rays. This includes explaining the imaging process, monitoring the imaging equipment and positioning patients to capture the proper image.  

His calm, cool and collected demeanor helps his patients remain calm during their imaging procedures and he always looks for ways to go above and beyond for each patient. One example of his caring nature is reflected in Avo’s continual recognition of regular patients. In one instance, a patient was having a difficult time with their imaging appointment and after helping the patient through their appointment, Avo went out of his way to get the patient a celebratory cookie. Each time the patient has returned for more appointments, Avo has continued the tradition of providing a cookie.  

It’s this example of humankindness that makes Avo our Healthcare Hero of the Match!