There's only one soccer analytic Bruce Arena cares about.

— Major League Soccer (@MLS) July 24, 2016

PORTLAND, Ore. – Bruce Arena takes a dim view to the use of statistics and analytics in the beautiful game.
After the LA Galaxy’s 2-1 win over the Portland Timbers, the Galaxy boss took a moment in his post-game press conference to share his thoughts on the use of analytics in soccer.
The remark was peak Bruce.
“We won the game. That’s what you do in soccer games. We were on the road in a venue where the team does pretty well at home. What are we complaining about? Then some moron will write that they had more shots than us thinking that’s important,” Arena said. “Actually, analytics in soccer, if no one here has figured it out, doesn’t mean a whole lot. Analytics and statistics are used for people who don’t know how to analyze the game. I’ll be very honest with you, this isn’t baseball or football or basketball. We have a very important analytic, and that’s the score. That distorts all the other statistics.”