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Clement Diop shoulders the blame for Vancouver defeat: "This is on me" | INSIDER

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- Goalkeeper Clement Diop willingly shouldered the brunt of the blame for the LA Galaxy's disappointing 4-2 defeat to Vancouver Whitecaps FC on Saturday. 

Diop made five saves but struggled at times conceding four goals including a miscue on the first goal that allowed Christian Techera to put Vancouver ahead in the 19th minute. After the match, the fiery 23-year-old was frustrated with his performance and admitted that the responsibility was on him. 

“I’m going for the ball. Usually, the ball keeps going through, but the ball bounced back to the player. It’s on me. I take the blame on the first goal. This is on me and no one else. The guys scored two goals. I should’ve done a better job tonight. There is no one else, no coaches, no one. This is all on me. I can’t concede four goals. 

"This is not about the communication. The first goal, the ball is going out of the box and some of the play I get the ball, and this one, s* happens on a turf field. It’s on me; I should have a better read on the game on this one.”

With the Galaxy facing a quick around and goalkeeper Brian Rowe back to full fitness, Diop is eager to get it next right ahead of the match with Montreal Impact. 

“There is nothing to forget; I need to learn from it. That’s it," Diop said. "Tonight’s on me. The team backed me up and got the lead, 2-1. I was not able to keep the score at 2-1 so the guys did their job and I didn’t do mine."