Community Feature: The AFJA Pupusa Truck brings Salvadoran cuisine to LA Galaxy home matches

On LA Galaxy home match days, the AFJA Pupusa Truck brings authentic Salvadoran cuisine for fans to enjoy. In honor of Central American Heritage Night, we spoke with AFJA Executive Director Steven Levy on what the truck means and how best to enjoy a pupusa.

What made you want to bring the AFJA Pupusa Truck to LA Galaxy games? 

For me, it's something that has always been a part of soccer games before going in, and it's really fun to incorporate that in a social component now, to be able to raise funds to keep our soccer programs going. It was a no-brainer to really bring Central American cuisine to the Galaxy. And what better place to do that than Central American Heritage Night? 

For those who are not familiar, what is a pupusa? 

A pupusa is a dish that is composed of very simple but delicious ingredients. You have cheese, beans, and a protein wrapped in a really warm blanket, which is a tortilla completely sealed. You eat it with your hands and with the toppings of curtido and salsa. It's very simple, but delicious. You can enjoy however you want, but if you use utensils and find people looking at you a little funny, it's because they're meant to be eaten with their hands, just like pizza.

Where do the recipes for the food served out of the truck come from? 

Everything that we serve in the truck comes from different family members. The strawberry lemonade is my cousin’s strawberry lemonade that she's always made for barbecues and things like that we've brought to the food truck. The horchata is actually my grandmother's recipe for the horchata. It's not like the horchata that folks are familiar with. It's Salvadoran horchata, so it's got more of a chocolaty base. The pupusas are my aunt’s recipe. So everyone has had a part in developing the menu.

Find the AFJA Pupusa Truck on the concourse on most LA Galaxy home match days to enjoy a pupusa and learn more about their mission.