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Curt Onalfo speaks after the LA Galaxy's 4-2 defeat to Vancouver Whitecaps FC | INSIDER

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- LA Galaxy head coach Curt Onalfo spoke to reporters following the Galaxy's 4-2 defeat to Vancouver Whitecaps FC. 

Onalfo's thoughts are below:

On the result:

“I mean, we gave the game away. We were 2-1 up, and from the 46th minute to the 65th minute, we were really good. We were controlling the game; we created more chances. We should’ve put it away. The game should be 3-1 at that point. Instead, we just gift them a second goal which gives them life, and then just gift them a third goal. So we just gave the game away. Credit obviously to Vancouver for their will to win the game, but it’s a game we gave away.”

On the second-half performance:

“We gifted the second goal, and then we just gave them a third, literally just passed the ball to their player. And so it’s as simple as that. Good teams are going to punish you when you make errors like that.”

On missed chances:

“If we sensed that the game was there for the taking, we could’ve just put it away. But even so, you’re on the road; you scored two goals. You’ve got to find a way that you don’t concede and give the game away. We gave the game away.”

On Ashley Cole and why he was removed: 

"It's his first game playing close to 90 minutes. I figured it would give us a little more going forward in that position. I thought Ashley had a good game. He's making great progress. It was good to get him moving in the right direction. Both with the calf injury on turf at his age and tactically use Romney to help us get forward and create some chances."