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Hello, and welcome to the LA Galaxy Sports Science Blog!

We are Brooke and Nicolette—the dietitians that run the nutrition program for all Galaxy athletes. Brooke oversees the first team players' nutrition, while Nicolette handles the nutrition of our second team and the Academy. We are on the performance staff to assist the players with their nutrition to better fuel training sessions and games, and aid in recovery to minimize injuries. Go to to learn more about us. 

Sports nutrition is a three-part approach: preparation, performance, and recovery. Every day we provide healthy meal options pre-training, hydration during training, and recovery shakes and refueling meals post-training. These core values of our program guide the players' food choices so they are able to perform to the best of their ability.

Follow us through the season to learn more about fueling the Galaxy, along with nutrition tips, recipes, and more to enhance your own health! Your favorite player might even make a cameo or two.

Upcoming topics:

  • Performance nutrition for soccer

  • Grocery shopping tips
  • Quick and healthy recipes
  • The importance of sleep for recovery
  • Sports Science collaboration
  • Nutrition for the student-athlete
  • Nutrition tips for traveling

Nutrition for the win!

Brooke & Nicolette