When did you become a Season Ticket Member?

  • I have been a season ticket member since the moment tickets went on sale in 1996.

Who is your favorite LA Galaxy player of all time?

  • Gotta be the King - Robbie Keane

What is your favorite LA Galaxy moment?

  • Easy. Zlatan’s debut. Absolutely the most thrilling live sporting event I have ever witnessed.

What do the LA Galaxy mean to you?

  • Family. My wife and I have been STMs longer than we have been married. My daughter, who is starting her freshman year at USC has been coming to games literally since she was in the womb. Our seat neighbors and tailgate group have literally been her second family for her entire life. My wife, daughter and I watch all the games together and have really bonded around games and other Galaxy related events which has brought us all closer together.

What is your favorite thing about being an LA Galaxy Season Ticket Member?

  • Watching the sport of soccer grow in this country. When we bought our season tickets in ’96, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what the future would hold for this team/league. I was there at the Rose Bowl for the inaugural match and couldn’t believe the crowd. The first time I walked in to [Dignity Health Sports Park], I was blown away that I was standing in a soccer specific stadium in the United States. Now we have 20+ stadiums league-wide and it still blows my mind. Also, there are all the amazing players we have gotten to watch over the years on a weekly basis (Beckham, Keane, Donovan, Zlatan, Cobi, Chen, Ruiz, etc.), Throw in the opportunities to see teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid live with players like Messi, Ronaldo (both the Brazilian and the Portuguese), Zidane, Ronaldinho, has been a dream come true.

Do you have a special game day routine?

  • We have a spot in Lot 10 where we have been tailgating since before tailgating was allowed at the stadium. We try to arrive at games 2 hours or more before kickoff. We sit and have food/drinks with friends, listen to music, play cornhole (on my LA Galaxy cornhole set), and argue about everything Galaxy. We love to bring friends both new and old and we have a group of regulars that have been joining us for years. Everyone who knows me, knows where to find me for a pre-game cocktail.