If you were a child sometime in the last 20 years, there was good chance that you owned a viewfinder. Before the creation of the internet or Instagram, viewfinders allowed you the opportunity to intimately explore a new world with their 3D projections.

Ahead of the LA Galaxy’s 20th season, the club took a spin on something tried and true by creating special Galaxy branded viewfinders, which tell the story of the Galaxy’s “Twenty Years of Titles.”  The Galaxy distributed the little wonders across the country to select media and soccer influencers who were treated to a feature on the club’s dynasty that was handcrafted in Los Angeles.

Once you take a peek inside the viewfinder, the Galaxy’s culture of winning is fully displayed as the club’s five MLS Cup championships feature prominently in the viewfinder’s six slides. Each photo providing the viewer with an inside look at the club’s championship tradition.

A photo gallery of the viewfinder is above while social media posts from select media can be found below.