HIGHLIGHTS: LA Galaxy at San Jose Earthquakes | August 28, 2015

Postgame Quote Sheet
LA Galaxy 0, San Jose Earthquakes 1
Friday, August 28, 2015
MLS Regular Season
Avaya Stadium – San Jose, California

On red card:
“They didn’t tell us anything. I think the entire officiating crew didn’t do a good job. I don’t even know if it’s a foul and he’s not the last player – Omar’s there – and it’s a bad piece of officiating.” 
On takeaways from match:
“We deserved to lose the game the way played. We played a crappy first half. We played better with 10 players than we did with 11. And obviously, you play with 10 players for 43 minutes or so, you’re not putting yourself in a good position.” 
On defense:
“We did an awful job on the goal. Give them credit but we got caught sleeping with Zardes on the back post and Gonzalez in front of the goal and it ends up in the back of the net so that’s our responsibility. Give them credit for making a good play.” 
On the goal:
 “I think we were a little bit sloppy because we didn’t deal with the first ball and the follow up he was free also, so I think we fell asleep on that play."
On defensive lapses:
“As the goalie I have to see things before they happens and I have to communicate better with the back four and we have to do a better job on the training field and work hard to fix our mistakes.”
On pace:
“We were a little bit slow. We got out-hustled on every play tonight. They were more hungry than us.”
On officiating:
“Listen, first and foremost congratulations to San Jose. The goal that they got was a good goal and they deserved it. No problem with that. No problem with them. I do have a problem when you’ve got a referee who thinks it’s all about him instead of actually all about the players. The referee should never be mentioned in the game. Never. That’s the sign of a good referee. Never ever be mentioned in the game.”
On playing with 10 men:
“At halftime we said we have to give it a bit more, which we certainly knew. We just pressed them, tried to get that goal but unfortunately we didn’t get it."
On how he prepared his team to face the Galaxy:
“We really didn’t have to say a whole lot. Just kind of prepare them as you would for any other game. Obviously, LA is coming off a great win the week before against New York. So for us it was just showing them, ‘Hey this is what can happen if we don’t put the hard work in.’ I think the guys were all up for the game anyway… I thought they [the Earthquakes’ players] were great tonight. In the first half I thought we played some real good stuff. We defended well. Obviously they were lumping balls in the box and making things difficult for us late on. But all in all, really happy with this group. I think the last three weeks, we’ve been good. And we’ve followed those performances up with a good level of consistency, and that’s the reason why we’re winning games.”
On how his team performed defensively against Robbie Keane:
“I thought the first half it was really good. In the second half obviously they were finding some gaps. So, you’re never going to shut him down for the entire 90 minutes, it’s going to be difficult to do because he’s such a smart player. And they have guys that are pretty savvy and can find little gaps. But for the most part, it was a good one. I think he found some areas, but we always seemed to have a body in front of him. So, shutting him down is obviously key for us when you play against them. And I thought we were really aware, especially when the ball turned over, about what his position was.”
On the recent play of Shea Salinas:
He just looks confident. He looks like he’s enjoying the game. I think he feels that no matter who the defender is playing against him, I think he feels he can beat him. And if we get him the ball in a timely fashion where he can get room to run at guys, it makes it better for us. So I can’t really say as far as his career, but I think for the time here, his last three games, he’s been a key player for us.”
On the team’s winning streak:
“Scoring early goals, scoring first definitely goes a long way. It can open things up. I think defensively we’ve been solid. I think Victor [Bernardez] and Clarence [Goodson] being back in there together is very helpful. I think the pickup of [Anibal] Godoy has been a real good one for us in a lot of ways – possession, defending, breaking lines out of pressure – and I just think overall when you look across the board at the starting 11 and beyond, guys are playing good. And individually, when they play well, the team collectively plays better too.” 
On making first start at home:
“Playing in front of the home crowd, under the Avaya Stadium lights, was an awesome experience. Playing in this rivalry game made it that much more special. It was a fun game to be a part of and most importantly, we got the three points. We’ve all worked hard together and I think that is how we came out with the win.”
On playing against Steven Gerrard:
“I played with him a lot in training at Liverpool. Definitely someone I looked up to during my time there. Playing against him was a little strange for the both of us. He is a really great guy and we had a chance to catch up prior to the match. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and I look forward to our future matches.”
On winning season series vs. LA Galaxy:
“This was very important for us. The main thing is we have to remain focused and can’t get too far ahead. Just because we fought back into playoff positioning doesn’t mean we can’t fall back out. We’ve won four in a row without conceding a goal, but our job is not done. We need to continue with this play and grow with each victory.”
On recording fourth straight clean sheet:
“It starts in training. We’ve been doing all of the small things that we need to do to make sure we are alert and physically focused. We’ve been doing a lot of technical and shaping drills; that helps. Now we have nine games to finish strong and continue to push ourselves to get better.”