Postgame Quote Sheet: LA Galaxy 2, FC Dallas 3 | May 30, 2018


On if there’s anything good to take from the match:
“No. It followed a pattern that we had prior to the last two games. We’re a team that’s always going to find goals. We found goals. We probably should have found more goals in the second half. It’s a lot easier to find goals when you’re playing at 0-0 than it is to find goals when you’re down by two or three. Just the performance defensively was not acceptable.”

On what’s to blame for the defensive performance:
“Part of it is me. I made some lineup changes because I thought with the game coming up with Portland I thought we needed to make sure we had some guys who were fresh. So the first thing I’m going to do is analyze if I made the right decisions, but obviously there’s other opportunities. We have more than 11 players on this team and when your number is called you’ve got to be ready. Just our intensity and our desire, our drive, our determination in the first 15 minutes was not good.”

On how frustrated the team is:

“I think the whole team is frustrated with today’s performance. It’s not just Ibra. We’re all frustrated. Again, he changes how we play. We end up playing balls in the air. We’ve got to get on to second balls more often and our service has to improve. Our crossing is too inconsistent. When Ibra is on the field, crossing the ball and being able to get to balls in the air becomes a strength of our team, so that part of our game needs to improve.”

On why the LA Galaxy were unable to get a result:

“We didn’t come out in the first half how we’ve wanted to. Again at home, we conceded sloppy goals.”

On how the team was forced to respond to Dallas’ goals:

“When we go behind we just start playing long balls. It’s not ideal. We scored two goals from it today. But we have better quality than just hitting long balls. It worked today in the end, but I hope we don’t keep doing that because I’m not a fan of hitting long balls. Like I’ve said, we have the quality to play. We just have to move and work with each other more to create chances. We’re playing too much in our positions and not having the freedom.”

On his frustrations with the team’s form:

“I think everyone’s frustrated. In preseason we come here and we have a lot of new faces and we’re kind of expecting from each other to really fight for the championship. There’s still a long way to go, but I’ll admit it’s not going our way. So everyday we train hard, we play well together. So when it doesn’t work out on the pitch it’s disappointing. It’s not just me, I think all of the players are disappointed. Individually we can do better and as a team we can do better.”

On the game and what positives, the team can take from the loss: 

“Of course when you lose there aren’t positive thoughts going through your head, it’s never good when you lose. We have to change.  We had two games on the road, today we played at home, losing 3-0 we come to 3-2, but it’s not enough. Every game we shouldn’t be losing two or three goals and then you have to catch the game and try to win. This is not the game; this is absolutely not the game. Even if you are in MLS or Premier League, wherever, it doesn’t work like that. We need to be the leading team and play from there, not to catch the goal all the time, so obviously it’s not good.” 

On his mindset for the game and how hard he fought:

“Yes, this is my mentality, I want to win the games. I was suspended the last game, today I come to play and I just wanted to go in and play, and help my teammates, help the fans and the club to get the win, but obviously it was not enough.” 

On how hard the team fought: 

“No, because we didn’t win, it’s all about winning. It doesn’t matter how much you give if you don’t win. If the other team would be Barcelona or Real Madrid then I would say yes, we put in the hard work today and it was not enough, but we didn’t play against those teams so, no.” 

On the team’s offensive progress: 

“I feel it’s positive and negative. The positive is that every time we are losing two or three to zero we are catching up with some goals, but it’s not enough. The negative is that I feel we are a bit confused in the game and in the positions, in offense and definitely in the defense – which we have to find stability and organization and play from there. Without stability and organization, you are lost on the field, it doesn’t matter how good you are.” 

On what went right tonight: 

“Not a lot went right in my eyes. I thought we were good as a group up until they scored. I thought we were getting out played a bit, but we were finding some chances, getting forward, connecting passes and then we kind of lost it with our organization. We can’t let their first two opportunities on goal be goals. It keeps being the narrative for us and it’s a problem.” 

On the inconsistency of the team: 

“It’s tough, I know there has been different line ups and injuries, but there is no excuse. I think collectively we need to come together, we have to make it work and we have to start in Portland.” 

On being more aggressive from the start: 

“I think so; we definitely need to be more aggressive from the start. We need to be more proactive. We can’t just wait to get punched in the face to then start playing, challenging and playing how we should be. That is something we need to change.” 

[Translated from Spanish]
On the frustration of the team and how much the team will need the Dos Santos brothers:

“Yes, it’s is very frustrating for the group. We were doing well, we had won the previous two games and we wanted a win for the third. Yes, losing the two Dos Santos brothers is hard. Losing a player that’s important to the team is difficult but we have to keep moving forward.” 

On the lack of communication with Zlatan and the rest of the team:

“He is a great player, he knows how to score and he is demonstrating that. However, he does get frustrated and we as a team also get frustrated.”

On how the team will return to its winning ways:

“We have to have confidence; we are losing that confidence in the games. If something goes wrong, we fall as a team and that’s a problem. A team that has a tradition of winning means we need to change how things are step by step. We lost this game, we need to forget it and focus on Portland this Saturday.” 

On the win:

“It has been a great week for us, indeed. The players showed up for 80 minutes. And, I’m going to say 80 minutes because I don’t think the image of this game has to be the last 10 minutes. Or the time that they aggregated. I hope that the people don’t get that image. Our team for 80 minutes did an excellent job the tactical part was really good. They scored three goals against a great side. Los Angeles is a very strong team. Unfortunately, I think with the red card, which we cannot understand what happened there still. We just saw the review and seriously it just put us in a bad spot, and then LA just throws bodies at the box, and the game just becomes long ball and defending, and they have size there, they have players who are 6’4, 6’5 and we do not have the size on them. So it was just difficult. But he held the result and we walked out with three deserving points.

On the team’s form:

“The tactical discipline of the players has been remarkable. I think we are finding different ways to face different teams. We’re changing the modules, we are having different strategies, we’re changing out well the players. Making everybody get more integrated into what we want. And, that refreshes and that just reinvents us as well, gives us different ways to win. But, just to give you a good sentence, the tactical discipline of the players is unbelievable.”

On the progress the team has been making:

“I think we’re learning for sure. I see a team that is getting mature, and matureness there’s not a shortcut. You don’t have a shortcut for matureness. Matureness is experiences, is failures, success, moments like this. Moments like we have had in the last three games where we have to grind in the last eight minutes. We suffered a tie at home with Vancouver [Whitecaps] that we were leading two to zero. So, this will make us more mature, that I’ll say. That matureness, there is not a shortcut for that. We will learn. Today, there were many positive things that I saw in the team. In the 80 minutes I saw personality, managing the tempo, keeping the ball much more, getting more players involved, and being effective in the box. Many things happened today that just make us very optimistic.”

[Translated from Spanish]
Sobre el partido:

“Si la verdad que fue un partido muy difícil, ellos estando de local querían sacar un resultado positivo, pero nosotros nos imponemos a eso. Gracias a Dios que pudimos conseguir los tres puntos que fueron valiosísimos. Conseguir una victoria de visitante es muy bueno para el equipo.”

On the game:

“The truth is that it was a difficult game, they were home and wanted a positive result, but we were able to overcome that. Thanks to God we were able to secure three points that are very valuable. Getting a win on the road is very good for the team.” 

Sobre la actuación del equipo después de la tarjeta roja:

“Si la verdad que después de que me echaron, el equipo se puso a defender y ahí hubo más espacio y nos atacaron ellos por arriba, y más Zlatan que llega muy bien por arriba. Pero gracias a Dios que al final pudimos sacar los tres puntos que es lo más importante.”

On the team’s performance after the red card:

“Truth is that after I was red carded the team started defending more and that created more space and they attacked with aerial balls, especially since Zlatan is good on the air. But thankfully in the end we were able to secure the three points which is the most important.”

[Translated from Spanish]
Sobre sacar tres puntos en condición de visitante:

“Muy contento de haber conseguido los tres puntos en una cancha difícil con un equipo de grandes jugadores. Asi que bueno, muy contento por el equipo que se lleva los tres puntos a casa.”

On winning on the road:

“I am very happy to be able to secure three points in a difficult stadium with a team that has great players. I am happy the team is able to go back home with three points.”

Sobre conseguir dos victorias al hilo fuera de casa:

“Muy contentos, es un grupo muy unido. Sabemos que en esta liga los partidos de visitante cuestan mucho. Asi que hay que disfrutar estos momentos que el sábado tenemos otra revancha en nuestra casa y tenemos que seguir sumando de a tres.”

On securing two consecutive road wins:

“We are very happy, it’s a group that’s very united. We know that in these league road wins are hard to secure. So we should enjoy these moments since we have another rematch on at home on Saturday y we need to continue to add three points per game.”

On why Colman was red-carded:

“Colman was dismissed for violent conduct for striking the face of his opponent.”

On why there were no other cards for that same incident, such as Ciani for pushing Colman off the field:

“No other misconduct was judged to have occurred.”

On why no penalty kick was given when the ball, following LA’s throw-in in the 83rd minute, went off Figueroa’s outstretched arm inside Dallas’ box:

“The ball was not deliberately handled.”