Quote Sheet: LA Galaxy lose to San Jose Earthquakes on the road, 3-1

Postgame Quote Sheet
LA Galaxy 1, San Jose Earthquakes 3
Saturday, June 27, 2015 – 7:30 p.m. PTMLS Regular Season
Stanford Stadium – Stanford, California

On what happened in the second half:
“We got out played.”
On the Galaxy conceding another lead on the road:
“Yeah, whatever. I’m not real thoughtful about that at the moment.”
On if fatigue played a part in the Galaxy’s struggles:
“We were bad in the second half. What can you say? Whatever the reasons are. We got out played. Very poor performance on our part.”
On playing the third game in eight days:

“It wasn’t going to change no matter what. We had to play the game, right?”

On San Jose closing spaces in the final third:

“We were crappy. You can come up with all your theories but we stunk in the second half. You can use all your theories that you want. You have no clue; we just couldn’t do anything simple and right. From giving away the ball that led to their first goal, from that point on, we were no good.”

On how much LA’s failures were on the Quakes good play:

“All parties were involved.”

On the Earthquakes defense:

“They were alright. We stunk what can I say?”

On what happened in the second half:

“I don’t know. We switched off. After they got their first goal, from then on, they controlled it. To be fair, they were the better team. We’ve only got ourselves to blame, and hopefully, this is a kick up the backside because maybe we were getting carried away with ourselves scoring a lot of goals. We have to be concentrated at all moments. We just weren’t at the races tonight.”

On the team losing leads on the road:

“We want to stop it as soon as possible but there were no excuses tonight. We hold our hand up. In the first half, we played well and controlled it, and in the second half, we just didn’t play as well. When they got their goal, we just switched off and from then on we were chasing the game. They put everyone behind the ball, their midfielders were compact, they had their little No. 10 running around, and Wondolowski made it hard for us. We have to give them credit.”

On his performance:

“I think all of us, if you look at the second half, it was a performance where were lacking a bit of oomph if you like. There wasn’t much sharpness there but that’s to be expected. You certainly don’t want to make a habit of that though. No excuses—fatigue or no fatigue—they were just the better team.”

On his goal:

“The team is not all about me. We have a team. We have to go out there and compete as a team. Yes, I’m happy with the goal, but I’m very upset about the result. We’re still conceding second half goals and we’re struggling on the road. We have to get better and play better on the road.”

On looking forward to the Open Cup game:

“We have to rest and put ourselves in a better position and fix what we have to fix then come to the field and do our best job. The open Cup game is another challenge and another battle. I think that we can do much better than tonight.”

On Clarence Goodson's goal early in the 2nd half:

"I think we were close. Matias [Perez Garcia] was swinging in some good balls, even in the first half with a couple set pieces that looked a little bit dangerous there. Good for Clarence... Congratulations to him. Not only his goal, but I think he's been playing really well for us. It was good, I think you saw it gave the guys a bit of energy and the field opened up a little bit and then we started playing better."

On Chris Wondolowski adapting to not being the striker up top:

"The thing about him is he's a good player. It's a great finish, it's nice to see him come from late and finish off plays like he normally does. On the other side, I thought his passing in the second half was better. He made some real good decisions. So when we won the ball, our first pass out of pressure was either to him or to Matias [Perez Garcia], and it got us up the field. I think he would probably like to be a little bit closer to goal. Also on the other hand, when teams do play 4-4-2, we give him a little bit more freedom to be up top, so he was spending quite a bit of time closer to Adam [Jahn] and Mark [Sherrod]."

On Cordell Cato's performance:

"I thought Cordell [Cato] came in and played really well. I think his inclusion into the game really turned the tide for us, because he found himself in good spots, he rarely wasted a ball when he received it."

On how the game evolved in the second half:

"I thought when the game opened up, we played better. I thought the first half was really a fast-paced choppy game, a lot of long balls, a lot of second balls being challenged. And I think that second goal did open up the game a little bit and obviously we started passing the ball better. So we were making better decisions. I thought in the first half we were a little bit rushed with things like that, and it just made for a bit of a back and forth affair."

On what he told his defense before the game:

"Keep an eye on Robbie Keane. The guy's a clever player, he finds good gaps. I thought Fatai [Alashe] did a good job of kind of sitting in front and shielding the back four. But I'll give credit to Clarence [Goodson] and Victor [Bernardez]. I think the last two games they've been very, very good for us. I think there was one chance at the very, very end there that got blocked about six yards out from goal. But the second half I thought we defended pretty well, and those three were playing good - and David [Bingham] when called upon cleaned up some stuff for us too."

On win:

"It's a great win especially against a rival. Any time you can get three points, it's nice, especially at home. Right now we are playing well, playing tough and playing with a good attitude and that goes a long way."

On goal:

"Great play by Matias [Perez Garcia]. He got out wide and set in a great driven ball and I was just able to pick a corner out and score."

On Matias Perez Garcia:

"I think our chemistry is definitely growing. He's such a skilled and smart player that it makes my job a lot easier."

On first goal of season:

"Great ball by Matias [Perez Garcia]. Lately, he has been putting the ball in some excellent spots. I gained a step on my runner. I got to the corner, made good contact and next thing you we are up a goal."

On defensive effort:

"I think we were a bit nasty tonight; played with an attitude. We were making it difficult for them. You could see we got up to their defensive backs a little bit and they didn't like that too much. They have been on fire offensively, so to get this result is great. Especially for our fans here tonight."

On the midfield's performance:

"The coach said that we're always going to have an extra man in midfield. I think we really utilized that today. Shea (Salinas), Sanna (Nyassi) and I were coming inside and creating a lot of space for the outside. We always have one more in the midfield and it definitely paid off."

On first goal of the season:

"It was just about effort. Me making the run to get at the end of the play. Shea did well to cut inside and I just made myself available and lucky enough I was able to finish it."

On making a statement:

"It's a statement from us that we can come up against the best. They're defending champions and we are going to continue with this mentality and this attitude throughout the rest of the season."