Preparing for the 2023 MLS Season | LA Galaxy Performance Blog presented by Herbalife

As part of their preparation for the 2023 MLS season & in partnership with Herbalife, the LA Galaxy were fortunate enough to hold their annual pre-season testing and screening day at the world class Proactive Sports Performance, located in Westlake Village, CA. 

The goals for the day were to get a pre-season baseline on the players current fitness levels, strength & power capabilities, assess movement competency & to further educate the players on the upcoming season. Some of the state of the art equipment utilized included a 3D ground force and pressure distribution analysis on a Gaitway Treadmill, limb and muscle testing on the BioDex System, jump and movement assessments through in-ground force plate technology & Vald & Keiser Strength Equipment to assess power and maximum strength. Once all the test information and results were collated, our performance and medical team identified what specific physical qualities needed to be addressed and further developed to enable these athletes to perform at their peak in season.