LA Galaxy II players get healthy cooking lessons | Sports Science

It’s a common question I get asked all the time: What do the LA Galaxy eat after training? 

We all know that athletes have to eat healthy in order to perform and recover effectively, in addition to staying hydrated.

So how do you cater to everyone’s needs and ensure your players also eat healthy at home?

Below is the actual menu that I sent to the Galaxy team chef back earlier this year.

The menu attempts to accommodate the team’s needs and even rewards players with a treat day.

Wednesday (3 days before a game):

  • Teriyaki salmon
  • Brown rice
  • Satay chicken with peanut side sauce
  • Edamame bean salad
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Apple and walnut salad
  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Fruit

Thursday (2 days before a game):

  • Fish tacos w. tortilla
  • Black bean and mango salad
  • Green salad (everything separate)
  • Ceviche                   
  • Mexican rice (small portion)
  • Guac, salsa, and chips
  • Beet and quinoa salad
  • Fruit salad

Friday (Day before a game):

  • Whole-wheat pasta in marinara sauce with olives
  • Whole-wheat pita and hummus
  • Greek salad
  • Grilled med. chicken breast
  • Grilled fish: Mahi mahi
  • Avocado and quinoa Salad
  • Broccoli and carrot
  • Fruit 
  • Protein banana bread

We tend to give the players a more exciting mid-week meal, especially after a hard training session.

Our themed menus have been very successful in providing excitement and a variation of day-to-day flavors to the week.

The meal one day before the game avoids any spicy or exotic foods, especially seafood, in order to minimize the risk of any digestive problems or food poisoning. This meal ensures that players have a good source of protein, carbohydrates, as well as healthy fats.

The added fun of a treat, in this case protein banana bread, always puts the team in good spirits ahead of a game.

The menu will vary every week, depending on player preference and seasonal variations decided by the chef. Our team chef has also offered his time to teach some of our players to cook, which has been hugely beneficial in helping players learn some basic cooking recipes.

It is important that players not only eat healthier, but also are able to cook healthy meals to ensure that they incorporate nutritious meal choices at home.

Variety is the spice of life, so we do our best to change up the menu. This ensures players not only get the best nutrition, but also the foods they enjoy which is very important for mental wellbeing and social interaction.

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Yours well nourished,

Alex Savva