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Steven Gerrard clarifies rumor about his participation in BT Sport's UEFA Champions League coverage | INSIDER

Steven Gerrard

CARSON, Calif. -- Steven Gerrard poured cold water on a The Daily Mail report that he'll be traveling back and forth to England to aid in BT Sport's coverage of the UEFA Champions League, declaring that his TV work will not "intefere with his football." 

Earlier this week, the British tabloid The Daily Mail reported that the 35-year-old LA Galaxy midfielder was intending to travel from Los Angeles to Europe during each match day. A day later, ESPN's Taylor Twellman offered infomation on the report stating that Gerrard would take part in the coverage but from a studio in Los Angeles. 

After training on Friday, Gerrard himself offered clarification stating that he will certainly not miss any Galaxy matches due to his television commitments. 

"We're going to have to wait and see what happens," Gerrard said. "There might be an odd ocassion where I need to go back for the games. BT Sport know the situation and the priority for me at the moment is the LA Galaxy. I need to make sure that I'm starting all the games. The TV deal that I have won't interfere with my football."