When did you become a Season Ticket Member? We became Season Ticket Members in 2017 after attending our first game the prior season. We were invited to a mid season game and haven’t missed a game since!

Who is your favorite LA Galaxy player of all time? Although he is fairly recent, the magic Zlatan Ibrahimovic delivered almost every game was incredible. We also love Landon Donovan, who we named our second child after during his World Cup run in 2010.

What is your favorite LA Galaxy moment? The first El Trafico. I’ll never forget the electricity in the stadium that day. Walking out people were hi-fiving and hugging complete strangers. It was the greatest sporting event I’ve ever attended.

What do the LA Galaxy mean to you? For us, the Galaxy is an experience I can share with my kids. We love Galaxy gamedays, and to enjoy as a family makes them even more meaningful. My hope is that this tradition will continue to carry on through my children.

What is your favorite thing about being an LA Galaxy Season Ticket Member? We love the opportunities to attend training and meet the players. We are looking forward to being able to do that again soon!

Do you have a special game day routine? With our seats being directly behind the south goal, we always have to attend warmups. The shooting line at the end is always exciting, although sometimes slightly harrowing when they fire one into the stands.