CARSON, Calif. – Zlatan Ibrahimović provided the media with more quote gold on Thursday when he featured on the Dan Patrick Show.

Speaking to the legendary sports talk show host, Ibrahimović was his usual quotable self on a myriad of topics.

WATCH: Zlatan Ibrahimović doesn't disappoint on the Dan Patrick Show  -

On the fixing the U.S. Soccer:

"I have my wife, I got my two kids. If I was single I would spread my investment here in the US and you would have future legends in the soccer. But sorry I’m already occupied by my wife and two kids."

On how popular he is in Sweden:

“I don’t think that you can measure how popular I am. I am Sweden. ... They will even change the name Sweden to my name on the map. When you navigate in Sweden, you don't write Sweden, you write Zlatan."

Check out the full interview above.