World War II Veteran, United States Navy Radioman First Class William Dillon is the Hero of the Match presented by Pirnia Law | October 14, 2023

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Radioman First Class Dillon joined the Navy in 1942 while he was still a Junior in High School. He was first stationed on the submarine “U-S-S Sailfish” where he served from 1943 until it was decommissioned in 1945. Dillon was instrumental in the “War in the Pacific” where he contributed to the fight against the Japanese and their naval military vessels, aircraft carriers and destroyers, and he was also part of the crew of the only submarine to sink a Japanese aircraft carrier, which was done during a raging typhoon. Additionally, Dillon was part of a mission that rescued twelve aircraft pilots and crew that were shot down during the “battle of Formosa”. After safely returning the wounded pilots and crew to Saipan, Dillon returned to combat patrol.

Following the war, Dillon remained in the service and was married in 1946. He eventually left the service in 1947, and completed his schooling by obtaining his G-E-D and then attended the University of Florida from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1951. Several years later, he went on to obtain his master’s degree.

His career also included many more accomplishments such as being a member of the launch team that successfully placed the first U.S Satellite into orbit.

Some of his awards and medals include two “bronze stars”, a “US Presidential citation”, and the “World War 2 victory medal”.