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Zlatan Ibrahimovic returning to the LA Galaxy to "bring the trophy home"

LOS ANGELES – Zlatan Ibrahimović isn’t done with MLS just yet.

The LA Galaxy announced on Monday that the Swedish forward will be returning to the club on a new deal. Ibrahimović enjoyed a remarkable first-year with the club scoring 22 goals and nine assists en route to an MLS Best XI selection and Newcomer of the Year honors.

“I’m still not satisfied with the outcome, I have things still to do. I see my first year as warming up, and I think that my second year will be different. Now I know the league, I know my opponents more, even if they’ve known me since day one, I know how to handle it better now and I know what to do. The first year was a warming up, this year, I come to finish it.”

As the page turns to 2019, Ibrahimović admits that he’s ready to right the wrongs of last season and take the Galaxy to the postseason.

“I want to bring the trophy home. I came here to leave a stamp and I didn’t get to do that in my first year. I’m not one that leaves without winning because everywhere I’ve come, I’ve won.”