Who was the semifinal MVP? Beckham, Casey, Convey or Hartman?
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POLL: Who was the semifinals' top performer?

The conference finals are finally set [SEE BRACKET], but it took some Herculean efforts to get us here.

In New York, Bobby Convey tallied two goals and an assist to help San Jose roll back a 1-0 deficit [HIGHLIGHTS: NY 1, SJ 3 (2-3 agg.)]. Then, Colorado's Conor Casey tapped home a more-than-clutch goal in the 84th minute on Saturday to force extratime and then a shootout with Columbus. He buried his PK, too, to see the Rapids through [HIGHLIGHTS: CLB 2, COL 1 (2-2 agg. Rapids advance on PKs)].

It wasn't just the outfield players having all the fun. Over in Salt Lake, Kevin Hartman, who returned from injury just in time for the playoffs, made a string of key saves to ensure FC Dallas' slim lead over the reigning champs stood [HIGHLIGHTS: RSL 1, DAL 1 (2-3 agg.)].

Finally, David Beckham's no stranger to big games. The EPL/World Cup/Champions League/La Liga/Serie A veteran was back to his game-changing self on Sunday, tallying two assists as the Galaxy brushed aside the Sounders [HIGHLIGHTS: LA 2, SEA 1 (3-1 agg.)].

But who do you think was the best of the best? Perhaps someone else? Let us know!

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