Editors' Riffs: Predictions for LA-DAL

The Western Conference Championship (Sunday, 9 pm ET, ESPN2) presents a contrasts: LA Galaxy's deliberate counterattacking style versus FC Dallas' fun, forward-thinking mindset. Which just makes it harder to predict. But, someone has to do it.

Fidencio Enriquez, New Media Editor 

It'll be a battle of the midfields at The Home Depot Center, and the two Davids (Ferreira and Beckham) will be crucial. FCD must watch out for LA's bread and butter—set pieces—and LA will have to be on top of their game to disrupt FCD's solid passing game. Winner: LA

Edgar Acero, associate editor, 

LA vs Dallas is the more difficult game of the two to call. Dallas are playing good soccer but so are the Galaxy. Ultimately, experience prevails, and Beckham and Buddle look to be decisive again. Winner: LA

Shawn Francis, MLS Insider

As for LA versus Dallas expect the Galaxy to get pushed to the wall by Schellas Hyndman’s boys. Although LA may have the better team on paper the fact is that LA is old and Dallas is not. LA is a better team almost across the board but all Dallas needs is one moment to open up the scoring early because I can’t see LA embarking on a multi-goal comeback as easily as I can see the youthful Dallas squad. Winner: DAL

Jason Saghini, ExtraTime Radio host

Déjà vu for LA. Conference Championship, at home, against a team from Texas. The stars will shine bright for LA, as they have so far in the playoffs (but let’s keep the HDC lights on just in case). As talented as Dallas is all over the field, it’s LA’s tendency to take one slim chance and make it count that gives them the edge. Winner: LA

Jonah Freedman, managing editor 

Out west, Dallas have shown they can take a punch – they were best in the league this season after allowing the first goal, coming back to win or draw seven times. Expect this one to be won in the midfield, and the hungrier team to escape the HDC with the upset. Winner: DAL

Dan Haiek, video editor 

LA lead the league in first half goals this season with 25 (plus 3 in the playoffs), and Dallas know LA doesn’t play well from behind, so both teams will come out looking for early goals. Winner: DAL

Nick Firchau, new media editor

Dax McCarty can preach all he wants that FC Dallas aren't the underdogs here, but let's face facts. They certainly are, and they wouldn't want it any other way. An unlikely season continues with an even more unlikely result at the HDC. Winner: DAL

Greg Lalas, editor in chief

I've said it before and I'll say it again: All due credit to what FC Dallas have done this year, but the Galaxy have the players and the coach who know how to win big games. This is a big game. Ergo... Winner: LA

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