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Best of 2011: Fan Memories

As 2011 draws to a close, has been looking back at the best, worst and most memorable moments of the year. READ: Best of 2011

For the Galaxy, 2011 included quite a few memorable moments - winning MLS Cup and the Supporters' Shield, advancing to the quarterfinals in CONCACAF Champions League and plenty more standout moments from the team's 50+ games this year.

Now we want to hear from our fans:

What was your most memorable Galaxy moment of 2011?

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To get the ball rolling, we asked a few Galaxy staff members to share their favorite 2011 memories.  Here are a few of those responses:

Sid Patel
Senior Account Executive, Ticket Sales

"My favorite moment in 2011 was standing above section 105 watching the crowd react to Robbie Keane scoring in the Western Conference Final."

Phil Berredo
Account Executive, Tickets Sales

"Best save was easily Brian Perk (a.k.a. The Perkolator) vs. Fredy Montero. How much better of a story can you get? First career start against a hot Seattle team on the 4th of July, the game is sold out, he comes up huge to stop the PK and make his first ever MLS save. The crowd erupted. To top it off, Perk maintained the shutout. It was awesome."

Lisa Rollins
Senior Manager of Service

"My favorite moment this year: seeing the jubilation on Galaxy fans’ faces at the 9/28 CCL game vs. Morelia when Juninho scored the last-minute winner."

Robert Spain
Account Executive, Ticket Sales

"My favorite moment of the 2011 season was Juninho’s stoppage-time game-winning goal at home against Monarcas Morelia to keep our CONCACAF Champions League hopes alive.  His flipping goal celebration is still set as my computer background!"

Abby Bennett
Account Executive, Partnership Activation

"Watching David Beckham raise the MLS Cup. I’m glad that he accomplished what he set out to and proved the naysayers wrong! Of course, he didn’t do it by himself so I’m glad that the whole team was rewarded for their hard work!"

Bryan Arguello
Database Coordinator

"The entire day of MLS Cup:

  • Having the rain stop 20 min before kickoff felt like everything was going to be just right
  • Seeing the additional bleachers packed with fans and seeing 30,000 strong at The Home Depot Center
  • Seeing ACB section grow into the biggest I’ve ever seen singing and dancing the entire time
  • Landon’s goal and being able to share that with our usual suspects on top of Section 105
  • Watching the team hoist the trophy and the traditional confetti that ensues
  • Going up to the Stadium Club and just the hugs and congratulations that followed.

Stuart Morrow
Account Executive, Ticket Sales

"Last season my girlfriend was driving me to the stadium on the 4th of July.  I had been telling her all week how amazing this game was going to be and that the game was completely sold out.  Not only that but we also have one of the biggest fireworks shows in the South Bay.  Needless to say the anticipation of the night was high.  Unfortunately we never made it to the stadium.  As we were making a left turn, a car crashed into the passenger side of her car, completely totaling it and ruining our plans and night.

"After all the chaos of the accident cleared, her and I sat down on the couch and turned on the game on ESPN 2. I had just finished explaining to her how Ricketts got injured during the San Jose game, how Saunders got a red card, and how Mike Magee came in to play goalkeeper for 65 minutes to earn the draw…. therefore Brian Perk was in goal, as a rookie. Then when we fouled Seattle in the box, Fredy Montero had a penalty kick. My girlfriend looked at me and said 'This guy is a rookie?'  I told her 'Yes.'  She goes 'This is his first start? In front of all these fans and this has to be his first save?' I told her 'yes.'

"We thought Perk had no chance and as Montero ran up to the ball we both inhaled, as everyone in the stadium did…Perk ended up making an amazing save and became only the second goalkeeper in MLS history to have his first save be on a PK attempt.  The crowd kept a constant roar for the next five minutes after and we got an important shutout. That save helped us remain undefeated at home and added to this season's legacy."