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Galaxy Fitness Insider: An introduction to TRX

In the last post, we talked about two very important exercises that the team uses on a consistent basis in the gym to help with strength, power, and core stabilization.

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This week we are going to introduce the TRX, another great tool for building strength and stability for our players. The TRX is a suspension training tool for body weight exercises that we use for upper and lower body strength, core stability, and mobility exercises.  Developed by Navy Seals, it is an all-in-one piece of training equipment that is portable, easy to set up, and can be used just about anywhere. 

When we are on the road and don’t have access to our normal weight room and all the great equipment we have back in LA, the TRX becomes invaluable.  It serves as a great way for our players to maintain their strength and get their workouts in when the team is traveling.

There are hundreds of different exercises that we can do with the TRX.  We’ll begin to dive into more specific exercises over the next few weeks, focusing on lower body and core exercises, but until then view a sample of some of the different exercises in the slideshow below:

In our next article we will look at a couple of the lower body exercises and talk specifically about how to perform those exercises and what muscles we are working but for now enjoy rooting through some of the pictures and look for where you can incorporate those exercises into your own workout programs.

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