DeLaGarza talks about throwing out the first pitch at Dodgers game

The LA Galaxy were honored at Dodger Stadium on Monday night during the Los Angeles Dodgers game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.       

Galaxy players Bryan Gaul, Juninho, David Junior Lopes, Kenney Walker, Sean Franklin, Marcelo Sarvas AJ DeLaGarza, Bryan Jordan, Hector Jimenez, Dan Keat, Rafael Garcia and assistant coach Dave Sarachan all took part, throwing out the first pitch before the Dodgers 7-2 loss to the Diamondbacks.

Below are quotes from DeLaGarza on the event...

(On the experience of throwing out the first pitch…)

DELAGARZA: “It was a great experience, it kind of felt like we were getting ready for a game actually with the anthem and all that. It was a great atmosphere; everyone threw a good pitch except for me.”

(On his pitch, which was the only one to bounce in front of the catcher…)

DELAGARZA (says jokingly): “They were set up all wrong so when I threw it. I didn’t want to hit anybody so I got scared so I threw it to the ground.”

(On his juggling with the baseball seen above…)

DELAGARZA: “That’s two touch, I do it every day before practice, but it’s a little bit harder with a baseball. It was fun for everyone out there to interact with guys like Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and those guys that we see on TV every day.”

(On his own baseball career as a child…)

DELAGARZA: “I played T-ball growing up for like three years, maybe. If you’re even allowed to play for that long, but I was actually a pretty good t-ball player, but I lost my touch.”

(On his favorite baseball team…)

DELAGARZA: “My favorite team growing up was the Orioles and then in college, it was the Nationals, but now I’m a Dodger fan.” 

Below are a few photos from the night: