How would you spend 13 bucks?

How would you ideally like to spend $13?

Seems like a strange question, but think about all the things you do on a given day that cost more than $13...

We asked members of the Galaxy staff the same question. Here are a few of the more entertaining responses:

Tell us where you've spent $13 for a chance to win a pair of playoff tickets!

Tweet or instagram your responses (the funnier the better!) using #HowISpent13Bucks or post on the Galaxy Facebook page at with the text "How I Spent 13 Bucks".

We'll post our 13 favorites on Tuesday, October 30 and give those fans a pair of free tickets to the Galaxy's first home playoff game!

"Chivas tickets - kidding!"


"I'd prefer a coffee IV."



"I paid this much for nosebleeds just to hear 'Like A Prayer.'"

"Betting on the Twins to win the World Series!" (Yes, he's serious.)

"Bakeware." (Sent by a male staffer... We recommended he join witness protection after we posted this.)

"At a pie festival!" (A what?)

"Halloween Candy!"

This is for a child, right?

So here's another question: would you rather spend $13 on some of the above items, or these?

Watching fireworks after taking in a Galaxy game

Cheering with these guys

Celebrating with these guys

Seeing a huge international team live

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