Vote now: Goal of the Year

The 2012 MLS season ended the way that the same way that 2011 ended, with the LA Galaxy lifting the MLS Cup title, but along the way, there were plenty of great goals that propelled LA to the title.

But which goal was the best of all? Here at, we’re asking for your help as we look to determine which goal stood above all the rest.

The competition for the 2012 Goal of the Year will feature 24 select goals in a round-robin style tournament that will feature four group stages to shrink the field from 24 to the finest goal of the season.

How it works:

  • 24 goals are nominated by
  • The First Round consists of 24 goals in four groups. Voting for each of the groups will take place through a week-long online voting process. David Beckham and Robbie Keane will each have their own group with the rest falling in the other two groups.
  • Final Round consists of the winning goals from each group. A week-long online voting process will yield one winner which will be crowned Goal of the Year.

Voting Schedule:

  • Group 1 - David Beckham goals: Voting for Group 1 is CLOSED. Click here to see the winning goal!
  • Group 2 - Robbie Keane goals: Voting for Group 2 is CLOSED. Click here to see the winning goal!
  • Group 3 - Mike Magee & Juninho goals: Voting for Group 3 is CLOSED. Click here to see the winning goal!
  • Group 4 - Voting for Group 4 is CLOSED. Click here to see the winning goal!
  • Winning goal from each group will make it to the Final Round. Voting for the Final Round is CLOSED. Click here to see the winner!

The winner of Goal of the Year will be announced on January 14.

Below are the winners of the First Round and nominees in the Final Round for Goal of the Year…

Final Round

Group Winners

Beckham vs. POR
Keane vs. RSL
Juninho vs. TOR
WINNER! Villarreal @ VAN

First Round

Group 1
Voting: CLOSED
Group 2
Voting: CLOSED
Group 3
Voting: CLOSED
Group 4
Voting: CLOSED

WINNER: Beckham vs. POR, April 14, 91'+

WINNER: Keane vs. RSL, Oct. 6, 17'

WINNER: Juninho vs. TOR, Sept. 22, 33'

WINNER: Villarreal @ VAN, July 18, 87'