Landon Donovan addresses U.S. National team and 200th game with LA in Galaxy All-Access Podcast

Landon Donovan spoke with Joe Tutino in the latest edition of the Galaxy All-Access Podcast.

Joe Tutino spoke to Donovan about a number of topics including his 200th game in a Galaxy uniform as well as a number of topics. But the answer that may draw the most looks is Tutino’s question to Donovan about the report that he’ll be left off the U.S. National Team squad for their June matches, which include three World Cup Qualifiers.

“Well, Jurgen and I have consistently spoken over many months now. I was not aware that was information that was already made public. Jurgen has not told me that it was definitive."

Tutino then wondered if the report could be incorrect."

"You never know...all I can do is I’ve said all along is do what I do. If I’m looking at it objectively, do I think I can help the team]? Yes, absolutely. Do I think that I’ve really earned my way back in yet? Probably not. That’s a sort of six in one, half dozen in another," Donovan added. "But I really do believe that if I get called in that I can help the team, even if I’m not playing, I can help the team. I think that my experience having been through this three times could be very beneficial, but if I’m not in then it is what it is and I’ll get my way back in.

Listen to the full podcast below…