Postgame Quotes: LA Galaxy fall 5-0 to New England Revolution

LA Galaxy at New England Revolution
June 2, 2013 – Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, Mass.)

LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena

"Obviously at the end (of the game) we certainly fell apart. Just a game where we actually played well in the first half probably should have even gotten on the board early with the chance Gyasi (Zardes) had, but give them credit they took advantage of their opportunity in the first half, and they played a good second half."

"I’m going to kind of make believe the last 15 minutes didn’t happen, but for the most part our back line played alright. The second goal, let’s be honest, the referee made a big mistake and caught our whole team on the wrong side of the ball and that happens and that basically turns the game, but no excuses on our part."

"He (Zardes) is getting better. The job of a forward is to score goals, and the one he had in early he’s got to do better with that chance, but he was dangerous got a couple chances. It’s going to take a little time. He’s still uncertain with some of his runs, but he’s a nice project to have."

"(We will move forward) very easily. We’ve got a game next week, and that’s how we’ll move forward."

"(Landon Donovan) is getting fitter, he’s got a way to go, he’s obviously behind the group, but he’s catching up."

LA Galaxy forward Landon Donovan

"It wasn’t a 5-0 game, but we had a poor response. After their second goal, we left our back four, especially Carlo (Cudicini), out-to-dry a little bit. We have to take responsibility, especially me as a captain. I have to take responsibility and our reaction needs to be better, even when things aren’t going our way. We need to do a better job."

"The linesman pointed his flag for us, and we were both moving back. He was defending and I was moving forward to get the throw-in and the next thing I knew, the referee inexplicably called a foul. They were in our box and then from there it was a goal. It was frustrating, but still our response at that point should be better – the game was not over yet, however frustrating it might have been."

"Sometimes it’s a little more helpful to lose bad than it is to lose close. We played an okay 55-60 minutes and I thought we were the better team. We can still be okay with that part, but we have to learn that if we get down by a couple of goals then we can’t just let things go like that. It’s unacceptable and this team is fine. The game is over and we’ll move on, but it never looks good to lose that way."

LA Galaxy forward Gyasi Zardes

"It’s tough not having Robbie Keane with us but we had our opportunities. We had our chances to put some finishes away. In the first minute I missed one. It was a lot of chances throughout the game."

"Every game is a learning experience. I definitely have to take something from this game and just make sure the next game is much better."

"We were still trying to go for a goal. The game plan didn’t change. We just had to score one goal and we were sure that more goals would come after that. We were unlucky tonight."

New England Revolution head coach Jay Heaps

"Obviously it was the result we were looking for. To be honest with you, we were fortunate to be up 1-0 in the first half and it wasn’t our best stuff and I thought Saer (Sene) does what he does. We wanted to get him a start. It was a conversation we had early in the year and he was coming back from injury. We circled a date to have a start and if it seemed rushed, it’s because we wanted to get him on field. I thought he did a nice job in the first half and obviously scored the girl. Second half was wide up for them and us. I thought we did well to finish our chances, but that game didn’t feel like a large goal because obviously all the goals came at the end."

"I thought (the movementwas really good. I thought Juan Agudelo had a heck of a night, just working hard and creating a lot stuff. When we’re free flowing and can open a game up, as long as we have proper balance, we feel OK. Tonight our balance wasn’t the best. I thought Scott Caldwell did an excellent job with balance. Lee (Ngeuyn), Diego (Fagundez), Saer (Sene) Juan (Agudelo), then when Chad (Barrett) came in, he filled that role really well. He made two or three really good passes, worked hard. We have a good group that can attack. We just have to find the right times to attack and have the right balance."

"It’s three points. We are still in the middle of the pack trying to fight away. Every game is a grind of us. For me, we wanted to get three points at home and we started talking about this game right after we played in the Open Cup. So, we have a good focus right now and right now we are going to talk about this game, learn from it and now our focus is on D.C. next week."

"Diego (Fagundez) you see him, he has excellent body control today; we see it all the time in training. But it’s tough to find that all the time on the field but today he really had it. You can see he was putting the ball exactly where he wanted it and sliding off defenders. He created the first two goals. That touch to Saer (Sene) was one of the best touches of the game and setting up Lee (Nguyen), being smart, and playing quickly and taken advantage of an unset defense was a good job from him as well."

"It’s team defense. It starts all the way up. Juan Agudelo right now is exhausted; he worked hard. Diego (Fagundez) worked hard and Jerry (Bengtson) when he came in. I like that our front group works hard and that type of work filters down. I think our midfield does a nice job, but our two center backs right now, Jose (Goncalves) and Macca (Stephen McCarthy) are reading the game really well and Bobby’s (Shuttleworth) playing well. I think the leadership; I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve settled and made Jose being our captain because he’s really starting to be a leader back there for us and you can see the guys buying into him. He’s [27] but has a lot of experience."

"To be honest with you, I need to go back and look at the film. I know he played it quickly but the referee made the call but maybe for a second the linesman did something with the flag but they had enough guys back and we just played quickly and it kind of caught them off guard a little bit. It was a smart play by Diego (Fagundez) but I need to go back and look at the film. I think they’re upset because I think they saw two different calls being made but the referee overrules and that’s happened to me my entire career."

"Again, we are still grinding. We just got to .500. We have five wins now. It’s important to use this as a learning experience. Like I said there’s really good stuff we did but there’s things we have to get better at and we can’t let a game get so wide open when we have a two-goal lead. But, right now we are trying to focus at the game at hand. We usually take two days to do video then onto D.C. We don’t have time to really analyze how big a statement this was. There is no statement; it’s just a game. We had to take it and we had to prepare ourselves and I thought we did a good job with that."

"Like I said, the Open Cup came at a really good time. We have a lot of guys that are fighting for minutes. It makes my job hard and you’ve got to deal with some bruised egos at times. But at the same time you can see guys pushing and taking it really well with competing at every position and it’s a great thing to have if taken in the right light."

New England Revolution defender Chris Tierney

"We are just trying to carry our momentum forward and keep getting better.  This is another step in that direction."

"To be fair, I think they were the better team in the first half, created more chances.  We weathered the storm which is what you have to do sometimes and Bobby (Shuttleworth) kept us in the game, with some big saves early.  We just made enough plays when it came down to it, to keep them out.  Obviously, we found our feet a little bit in the second half.  The guys up top did a great job, and we kept it to a clean sheet in the back, which is always a priority."

"The guys on this team, we have so many good attacking players on this squad now.  Bringing guys into the game late, that can change a game. Like Chad (Barrett) did and Kelyn Rowe, as well.  The depth of this squad is such a bonus this year.  There are so many players that can hurt you, especially coming on fresh like that.  I am not surprised that we scored five.  It is always possible with the squad we have this year."

"We knew all along we had to stick with what we were doing.  We’ve had some additions that have really helped us.  Obviously getting Juan Agudelo has been great and getting Saer (Sene) back fit and then guys just finding form and getting better, which is what we are trying to do, keep getting better and better.  Like I said, this is three points and it doesn’t matter who we played against and it doesn’t matter how many goals we score.  It is three points on the board.  We will take 1-0; we will take 5-0."

"We were leaking a couple of goals early on that was hurting us, and falling behind in games (earlier this year).  It is tough to play from behind in this league, the first goal is so important if you look at statistics and how many wins come out of a team that scores first.  We are always trying to score first.  But at the end of the day we are always trying to keep teams off the board, which we have done.  Now I think it is three or four straight.  Our defensive record is something that we are prioritizing, especially us four in the back and the guys that are in front of us."

"Probably tonight (we’ll celebrate) and then we will take our day off tomorrow, get ready.  Then we are planning towards D.C., which is another opportunity at home to take three points.  They are a team that are going to be desperate, but if we want to be a team that are going to make the playoffs, then these are the games that we have to win."

"We are going to prepare for D.C. the same way we did for LA: the same intensity, the same detail, like I said it is another chance to take three (points).  It is another stepping-stone going towards making the playoffs.  We’re aware of how desperate D.C. is going to be and we will be prepared for that."

New England Revolution goalkeeper Bobby Shuttleworth

"I thought in the first half, they had the better of the play, for sure. They had the best chances other than our goal. I think the scoring was a bit flattering to us, obviously, because I think we scored three goals in the last five or six minutes. It’s great to see a bunch of goals go in and hopefully we can keep that going."

"I mean, it’s just repetition (making six saves). I’ve gotten a bunch of starts in a row now so I feel sharper. With every start, I’m getting more experience and learning and picking up different things."

"We’re definitely using our possession better. At the start of the season we struggled to score goals. I don’t think we struggled to create chances - we still had some chances - we just weren’t taking them. I think we took our chances well today and have been taking our chances well the past couple of games. Hopefully, we can continue to take our chances and take full advantage of them."

"In the first 10 minutes, I think they had two or three pretty good chances so we just had to weather the storm there and then come out and try to play after that. We came in one-nil at halftime so we felt great with that. They definitely had the better play in the first half so to come out in the second half and play the way we did, I think we definitely stepped it up and created a lot more chances."